Galaxy in Peril

Episode 1 - Desperate Times

Jobs had been barely paying the bills for the past few months. The party finds themselves heading to a place where jobs are plentiful if your moral compass is broke the infamous moon Nar Shaddaa.

While hanging out in a cantina trying to drink himself into being willing to take one of the seedier jobs available, Dais Sundar gets an invitation to meet with Grigg the Hutt a job that would solve all of the current problems and then some. Ten thousand credits.

Not familiar with Grigg, and especially after some of the job offers the party had received after landing on the moon, the crew decides to ask around town to see just how shady this particular Hutt is.

After a couple hours of asking around the party has a pretty good picture of Grigg a surprisingly upstanding businessman considering he’s a Hutt. He has a reputation of being fair and honest.

The party heads out to Grigg’s estate, walking down the middle of a busy street. But before they get halfway there a pair of Gamorreans with vibo-axes charge the party.

The party all sees them coming except for IG-Z36 but upon seeing the party react he turns around brandishing his own vibro-axe and charges the pair of thugs. His blow lands almost instantly dropping one of the Gamorreans, the party pulls out their blasters and starts shooting at the other one. Teeku Shodu decides to put a little distance between himself and the deadly blades, dances backwards out of the combat. The crippled Gamorreans glances IG-Z36 with a blow, the other quickly closes on Vet Altair dropping him to the ground with a vicious blow. IG-Z36 drops the Gamorrean he is fighting with one final swing, while Dais finishes off the one standing over Vet.

The party quickly takes the axes, being that desperate for credits, and searches the bodies for any clues as to who would be attacking them. Finding a tattoo no one recognizes they take note and decide to get out of the streets before someone decides to pay attention to what happened.

Upon arriving at Grigg’s estate, it comes across as a bit modest compared to many that the party passed along the way but without a doubt it is well fortified. A pair of Gamorrean’s stand guarding the gate, after a brief conversation a male protocol droid (Dais had to check) leads the party back to Grigg.

Grigg is a younger Hutt, rather enthusiastic in his mannerisms. With brief introductions Grigg launches into why the party is there. “You have been asking around town and therefore know that I have a reputation of fair business dealings. The job is simple, transport some cargo to The Wheel and you receive ten thousand credits upon delivery. Knowing you by your reputation I know I do not have to say this but for everyone’s benefit I’ll do so anyways, don’t look in the crates and no questions asked.”

After a quick conference the party haggles for some repairs and medical treatment for Vet, in addition to clearing the docking fees and other impound fees (Dais was sure he had another week to pay those). Grigg offers the party an addition two thousand if they will act as security for the loading of the ship, he has a party at his estate this evening and cannot spare his own men for security purposes.

As part of the deal, Dais also asked for any information Grigg has on the attack on them earlier in the afternoon. Grigg calls in his Chief of Security, Ral Tosh, Ral is not familiar with the tattoo but agrees to run it through their databases and get a dossier prepared before the party has to leave.

The party leaves to get final preparations in place, and then rest and heal up as best they can for the evenings activities.


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