Galaxy in Peril

Episode 10 - Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?

Leaving the warehouse and falling in line with the squad of storm troopers that he found himself assigned to, Dais can’t help but wonder how IG-Z swings this Ax around so easily, it’s only been a couple minutes and his back is already starting to get sore.

Dais hopes that Vet and Teeku don’t do anything rash as the squad, IG-Z and he march up the ramp towards the exit of the cavern. One of the squads, with the mounted light repeating blaster rifle, are posted at the top of the ramp. Man I do not want to get shot by one of those. Dais thinks to himself. Please let them keep buying this until we get outside. As they crest the top of the ramp Dais glances over at IG-Z and sees his eyes flash red and feels like time lurches into slow motion. There is a tug at his back, and as he turns around, Dais sees the ax in IG-Z’s hands and sees that IG-Z is already five feet away the ax spinning as he lunges towards the two squad members posted on the mounted gun. The storm troopers do not even have time to react as IG-Z brings his ax around in a vicious swipe decapitating both. At that moment the world snaps back into normal speed, the squad in front of Dais turn around to see what the commotion is and find Dais standing their with his twin blasters already drawn. As they turn their weapons on Dais, he opens fire, raining a hail of blaster bolts upon them. Two fall instantly and a third stumbles, the blaster bolt burning a hole through his armor.

From behind them Dais and IG-Z hear the AT-ST start to maneuver out of the warehouse. They can also hear the sergeant yelling to his men. Vet manages to get the AT-ST out of the warehouse he turns it towards the governor’s house and sees the second squad of storm troopers with a mounted turret on top of the house. “Uh feel free to blast them whenever Teeku.” Teeku continues fiddling with random switches in the cockpit “This isn’t like the guns in our ship, all these switches are wired backwards for this experimental gun. This should do it.” Flipping a couple switches and pressing a big red button Teeku finds himself momentary blinded as a bolt of lightning arcs out from the gun rather than the familiar laser. The lightning blasts into the position of the storm troopers frying them in their armor. They crumble to the ground still twitching sporadically. The sergeant takes one look at the AT-ST and runs into the governor’s house. “Oh man, you have to let me burn that place to the ground.” Teeku says as he starts to climb out of the cockpit. “Don’t you dare, Dais will be livid if you destroy that crate we were supposed to grab. Not that we’ll be able to turn it in, but maybe we can blackmail someone with it.”

The two remaining storm troopers at the top of the ramp turn to flee. IG-Z runs them down, and finishes them with brutal efficiency. Dais turns around and runs back to where Teeku and Vet were fighting. As he gets to the AT-ST he notices no one is in it, and sees Vet and Teeku run into the governor’s house.

The house is dark, Vet hears furniture being stacked up in the room off the main entrance hallway presumably as a makeshift barrier. Vet gestures to Teeku indicating the sergeant is in the next room. Then a look of horror comes over his face as he sees a small spherical object bounce off the door frame and land at their feet. Vet takes one step away and then finds himself slammed against the wall all the wind knocked out of him, bleeding from several shrapnel wounds. They never even had a chance to react to the grenade. Vet gets to his feet, sees Teeku in equally bad shape pull himself up the stairs to the second floor. Grabbing his rifle Vet stumbles to the doorway of the room the sergeant is hiding in. As he steps around the corner, rifle raised, he sees the sergeant, who also has his rifle pointed towards the archway. They fire at almost the same time both striking home. Vet smiles as he seems the rifle drop from the limp hand of the sergeant, before himself collapsing to the ground, bleeding out from his many wounds.

Dais steps into the house, seeing the sergeant and Vet both lying on the ground, calls for IG-Z to drag Vet out of the house. Teeku comes down the stairs and informs everyone he had found the crate. Seeing Vet being dragged out of the house, he pulls out his medic kit and gets to work patching him up best he can. “I guess it’s a good think we sprung for that Bacta tank on the ship. We need to get out of here, he needs more than my patchwork will do for him.” Dais nods in agreement “I’m worried about the Imperials sending back up, I don’t think we can wait around.” After some serious efforts on Teeku’s part Vet regains consciousness. “Can you walk? We need to get to the ship. The speeder’s are right outside.” Vet grimaces but gets to his feet. Dais motions towards the house “IG-Z grab that crate and let’s get out of here.”

Upon exiting the outpost, the party finds that the speeder bikes have been destroyed, they are lying on their sides a smoldering mess. Dais shakes his head in frustration “Guess we’re not getting our security deposit back. What do you guys think, do we hole up here and wait for Vet to get better, or do we try and make it back to our ship?” IG-Z responds “In his current state Vet will need two weeks to recover in any observable manner, with what resources we have available at this outpost. In addition the Empire will send more troops if they do not hear back in the next eight hours, Imperial field op code 3405-2153…” Dais cuts him off “Fine we walk, assuming you think you can Vet.” Vet takes his rifle puts a plug in the end and sticks it under his arm as a crutch and starts walking back towards the ship without a word. The party falls in behind.

As dusk starts to fall a short discussion is had, and the consensus is the jungle will probably attack whether walking or camping so progress might as well be made. Surprisingly the landing pad comes into sight after several hours of walking with no incidents. The party sneaks up as close as they can and see an Imperial Shuttle with it’s exit ramp down. What appear to be two pilots can be seen taking a smoke break, with another storm trooper sergeant appearing to be standing watch.

The pilots conversation can barely be overheard over the noise of the jungle. “I heard the governor moved on to a new project called Dark Trooper after he left the planet. It was a promotion of sorts.” The other pilot can be seen shaking his head. “Dark Trooper is a phantom project, speaking of phantoms, I heard someone went to great lengths to forge the documents that got those smugglers on planet ahead of us. When the Admiral found out that we let someone on planet to retrieve the Governor’s things he went white, whether with fear or rage no one was sure, but we were in space heading planet-side within ten minutes of him finding out.”

Dropping their cigarettes to the ground they turn to board the ship, at that moment a blaster bolt comes out of the darkness and strikes the storm trooper sergeant in the head. They turn in the direction of the jungle pulling out their blasters, and see glowing red eyes and a gleaming ax spinning in the air barreling down on them. IG-Z bellows out “Drop your weapons.” They immediately comply and raise their hands in surrender. Ten minutes later Dais has them tied up in their ship. They volunteered the codes necessary to pass through the blockade. And they let Dais know they had just reported in twenty minutes ago and were not due to report in for another two hours.

Dais closes the Imperial shuttle door and heads into Mynoc’s Buffet. “I’m thinking we find some place to lay low for a bit, I hear there is a pirate’s way station not too far from here, they’ve got no love for the Empire, I know that much.” Dais says as he hops into the pilot’s chair. With the use of the codes Dias manages to get into hyperspace without incident. IG-Z settles into a charging bay. Teeku gets Vet into the Bacta tank and then heads to his quarters with the governor’s crate in hand. “Let’s see what secret’s we’ve been hiding, shall we.”


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