Galaxy in Peril

Episode 11 - This Droid Won't Haggle

Digging through the crate “retrieved” from the Governor’s mansion, Teeku was learning a great deal of secrets. The crate belonged to a man named General Rom Mohc, who after an hours worth of confusion, Teeku came to understand, that he was the Governor. The crate was filled with his personal files and data pads. Many of the data pads contained notes about Project Overlord. This project had three main phases. First was the identification of force sensitive subjects. Then once identified they would move on to the second stage which was intensive training, to find just how strong the subjects were. Those that proved strong enough went into further training to become elite agents that served the Emperor himself.

General Mohc was apparently rather successful at this project and had recently been allowed to move onto a pet project, that he had been working on for years. The project had come to the Emperor’s attention after the successes Mohc had with Project Overlord, and the Emperor gave the approval personally. Teeku shuddered after watching the holo-recording of the Emperor. He couldn’t help but feel that the Emperor was looking at him and knew what he was doing.

There was mention of a security breach in the notes. One of the General’s personal droids had gone missing. After searching for two days it had been presumed stolen. It contained a large archive of data about the Dark Trooper project as well as Project Overlord, including base locations. Fortunately for the Governor the droid was useless without the access codes, they were needed to decrypt the files. Unfortunately for the General those access codes were in the crate at Teeku’s feet.

Teeku leaned back, resting his weary eyes. He had been reading through the files for hours. The access codes must be what we were sent after. But whoever sent us knew about my cousin. “Did they get my Uncle to go along with it. Was it even my Uncle that sent the message? And none of this gets me any closer to retrieving Beeko’s daughter. We need to find that droid.” Teeku threw the latest data pad back in the crate in frustration.

Getting up Teeku stretches his back and then heads towards the cockpit. “Hey Dais there was nothing else useful in that crate. Just more talk of the two projects the General was working on. The key is to find that droid, that’s what’s going to tell us where phase two is being conducted.” Dais shakes his head “I’m sorry about your cousin Teeku, I really am. But if everything you’ve read is true, there is no way we’re going to be able to break her out of an Imperial facility that contains force sensitive trainees, most of whom are are probably already brainwashed. What we need to do is find out who sent us after those codes and make enough credit from that, that we can go into hiding in luxury.” Teeku storms out of the cockpit without a word, practically knocking Vet over who was moving to the cockpit himself.

Vet starts to get angry but one look at Teeku makes him think better of it and let’s it go. Getting to the cockpit he looks at Dais “The cousin again?” Dais just nods. "We’ll be arriving in the Dernatine system soon. Boonta has an orbital scrapyard that we can lay low in. I know someone there that should be interested in our hard earned wares.

Upon arriving at Boonta Vet couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you sure there is a planet underneath that mess? I’ve never seen that many ships in one place, let alone gutted hulks like the ones out there.” Dais laughed “Without a doubt this is one of the greatest ship graveyards I’ve ever laid eyes on. And a perfect place for hiding, and staying out of the Empire’s way.” Landing in a still working docking bay of a Mon Calamari Cruiser, the crew gets out and heads deeper into the vessel. Vet continues to look amazed “They’ve taken a broken down star ship and turned it into a space station? A space station that would put the Bilbousa Bazaar on Nal Hutta to shame. Are you sure the Empire doesn’t know about this place?”

Dais grins “Best kept secret in the galaxy, we should even be able to sell Imperial goods here. Ah here we are.” Dais points ahead to a shop with a operating table in the middle and all manner of limbs and prosthetics hanging on the walls all over the shop. A small droid collapsed to a resting position sits in the corner, it’s head shaped like an upside down bowl, with one giant lens on the front for an eye. The lens flashes to life as Dais enters the shop. Bouncing up out of a crouched position the droid leaps forward on gangly limbs. “Dais, ha ha, it’s been so long. I’m so glad to see you, come in come in. Are you in the market for some new limbs?” The droid makes a point to look Dais up and down. “Yes yes that must be it, you’re looking a bit raggedy, you could definitely use some metallic upgrades, what do you say? Hop on up on the table I’ll have you upgraded in no time flat. I’m always looking to do some enhancements and you my friend are long over due.”

Dais raises both his hands to ward off the bubbling enthusiasm. “Hold on now HAL these limbs are still doing just fine, thanks to the bacta tank on our ship anyways. No my friend it is you who are going to be getting some new limbs today. Check out these beautiful specimens, you’ve seen nothing like them I guarantee it.” Dais makes a big show of laying the cybernetic implants from the medical bay out on the operating table, which just happens to be the only clear space in the shop. HAL and Dais go on for awhile with some enthusiastic haggling over the items but finally come to an agreement.

At that moment IG-Z and Teeku enter the shop with several backpacks full of supplies. IG-Z looks at HAL, “Do you do weapon upgrades?” HAL leaps up in excitement “Do I ever! I’m really really good at upgrading weapons if I do say so myself.” IG-Z looks around the shop, no evidence of weapons, weapon upgrades, or even the tools needed are visible. Handing his Ax over to Teeku he simply says “You do it.”

HAL head dips, clearly crestfallen at the missed opportunity but then perks up immediately. “I can not wait to tell all my friends that I’ve seen you guys. You must be rich after killing all those stormtroopers. You are all over the holo-net. The Empire has put a 50,000 credit bounty out for you guys. I can’t believe I’ve met someone so famous, my friends aren’t going to believe me, mind if I take your pictures?” IG-Z reaches for his ax but Teeku slaps his hand away. Dais starts laughing hysterically “50,000 did you giggle hear that giggle we’re so dead.”

HAL looks over at Dais “Oh are you worried about the bounty? I wouldn’t worry about that I’ve got a friend who is real good at these sorts of things, he’s an expert at making Imperial Bounties go away. Let’s see if I can pull him up. Last I heard he was working for a Hutt.” Dais stops laughing and looks over at Vet, “It couldn’t be.” HAL pulls up a picture of Ral Tosh on his overhead monitor, “Good ol’ Ral, we go way back, heck I’d say we go back further than me and you Dais. He’s been a good customer over the years I’ll tell you what.”

Dais looks over at Teeku, “You about done with IG-Z’s ax, I think it’s time we be going.” Teeku puts down his tools, “Yep that should do the trick.” Gathering up their supplies Dais and HAL say their good byes, Dais admonishing HAL not to say anything, HAL promising not to, accept to only his very good friends. IG-Z reaches for his ax again but Dais pushes him out the door. The party starts running for the ship, IG-Z looks over at a winded Dais “Perhaps you should have taken HAL up on his offer of mechanical legs that Vet told me about, as often as we are running to our ship they would do you some good I think.”

Entering the hangar the party immediately notices a couple of individuals in armor and carrying blasters standing over by the ship. IG-Z steps forward ax raised and bellows “Step away from the vehicle.” As they start to back away from the ship one of them reaches to his comm and says “Sir they’re here. They’re getting aboard the ship.” A short pause as someone from the other end is talking and then “Yes sir, that is the droid we’re looking for.”

Then the two make a break for an exit at the opposite end of the hangar. Dais puts a hand on Vet’s raised rifle, “No let them go, let’s get out of here before more show up.”

Hopping on the ship they exit the hangar and find themselves being followed by a pair of Z-95 Headhunters. Dais slams the ship into motion, getting thrown back in his seat as the ship leaps to it’s fastest speed. The Z-95’s easily keep up, being more nimble faster ships. “It’s going to take a few minutes to get through this scrapyard, Teeku set course for the Wheel, Vet and IG-Z get on the guns, try and keep them off of us.”

As they make their way to the guns, they’re both thrown off their feet as Mynoc’s Buffet is rocked by a concussion missile. “Teeku see if you can get the shields boosted, I’m not sure we can take many more of those.” Teeku heads back to the shield generator and starts working on them. Next thing Dais knows he is slammed forward as the ship lurches to a halt, from the direction of the shield generator he hears “Sorry, my bad.” And then a whoop from one of the gun turrets as Vet scores a hit sending one of the ships careening into one of the graveyard hulks. The other ship having blown by them, makes a long loop to circle back around. “One more minute and we’ll be clear of the scrapyard.” Vet and IG-Z continue shooting at the ship as it circles around, Vet scoring another hit, blasting off a piece of his wing and sending him spinning out of control. Before they could see the outcome, the familiar pattern of hyperspace appears before their eyes.


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