Galaxy in Peril

Episode 12 - Elementary My Dear Teeku

Landing once more on The Wheel, the party finds a welcome committee headed by none other than Lt. Fren. Dais, being wanted for questioning about his possible involvement with Angar Dalsmith is whisked away.

IG-Z, Teeku and Vet stare at each other for awhile trying to think of where they should go that wouldn’t attract attention from anyone looking to score a quick bounty. “Maybe I should start with my Uncle.” Teeku says heading to the Mynoc Buffet’s comm station.

“Uncle Reeko, when is the last time you’ve seen Nineo?” Teeku doesn’t even give his Uncle time to say hello, immediately jumping to the topic at hand. After a few minutes of arguing Teeku starts to calm down, realizing his Uncle did not send the transmission and had not seen Beeko in months. Before disconnecting Uncle Reeko gives Teeku one final message, “What Beeko did has disgraced the clan’s honor, you must redeem the family name Teeku, you MUST find Nineo.” With a guarantee that he would, Teeku disconnects.

“Well if he didn’t send it, maybe I can trace the origination of the message and determine who sent it.” Teeku says hopefully pulling out his data-pad. After a few minutes, Teeku manages to learn that the message was sent from the Wheel, but is unable to determine where on the Wheel, or whom it may have come from.

“Well there was only one person on this station that knew where we were heading, I say we go pay him a visit.” Teeku says while tucking his data-pad away.

Upon arriving at Captain Shorwarr’s Exotic Safaris and Expeditions Teeku immediately cuts off the protocol droid who was beginning his rather lengthy introduction to the store. Captain Shorwarr seems rather suprised to see them and looks a bit worried as well.

Laying two pelts on the table Teeku reminds Shorwarr of the job they were sent to do and collects the bounty before launching into a tirade about being setup. After a particularly long stretch of Teeku yelling and threatening to burn down the station around them Shorwarr admits there was someone who came in after them inquiring about the job.

Since he didn’t leave a name, Teeku gets Shorwarr to pull up the security footage. Teeku instantly recognizes the man “Durian Quix, and you guys wonder why I don’t leave anyone behind that hasn’t been reduced to charcoal.”

“Shall we go see if Durian is around? I’ve got a few questions for him.” Teeku asks the others.

Posting up outside of Red’s Lair the group settles in keeping an eye out for Durian. A few hours pass by with no sign of him. “These guys are all militarily trained, and I haven’t seen one non-human come through those doors all day. If I didn’t know better I’d say the Red Wolves are an undercover Imperial unit.” Vet mentions to no one in particular.

“Let’s head back to Shorwarr’s and see if Durian took a job he doesn’t seem to be here and I’m not sticking my head in that bar to find out if he is.” Teeku says.

Captain Shorwarr groans as the party enter into the shop again. After another extended conversation Shorwarr confirms that Durian took a job from him that would’ve taken him off the station.

WIth a satisfied grin Teeku steps into the street with Vet and IG-Z following right behind. Vet puts a hand on Teeku’s shoulder “We’ve got trouble, a squad of four on each end of the street. How do you want to handle this?” Teeku laughs “Same way we always do.” Teeku then sets off in a run pulling out his flamethrower, before the ambushers even know what is going on, Teeku has set two of them on fire. IG-Z charges after him, ax spinning in vicious strokes. Two more fall to the ax. A fire fight ensues behind them, with a single shot at each man Vet ends the confrontation quickly. The last attacker tries to run away, running down a side street, IG-Z doesn’t even let him get halfway down the street, charging behind him quickly gaining ground, IG-Z then leaps in the air in a spin bringing the flat of the ax down on top of his head knocking him to the ground.

Dragging him into an alley a brief and brutal interrogation occurs, nothing is learned other than he has more friends coming and they were licensed bounty hunters, not Red Wolves. Walking out of the alley Vet and IG-Z here the ignition of Teeku’s flamethrower, and then the screams begin.

The three make way to the security station to see if Dais has been freed up from his civil duty.


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