Galaxy in Peril

Episode 7 - Meetin' the Locals

“Explain to me why we are willingly landing on a Star Destroyer?” Teeku asks Dais for the third time in the past hour. “I’ve told you multiple times now, it’s part of the quarantine procedures. We get scanned going in, we get scanned going out, plain and simple nothing to worry about.”

As the Mynoc’s Buffet settles in the landing bay, an Imperial Officer, and a scanning crew are waiting to meet them. “I am Lt. Mentzer, if you will follow me to the briefing room we’ll get you back on your way.”

The group heads into the briefing room, Silas Mentzer makes a show of reviewing their clearance codes. “I see you have been contracted to clear Outpost 37 of the Nexu infestation. And to secure a crate from the Governor’s residence. Are you aware of what is in the crate?” Dais and Vet look at each other and shrug “We were not told of the contents.” Mentzer continues on “Just as well the crate is sealed, therefore as long as its seal is intact when you return there will be no issues.” Dais sighs inwardly thinking to himself if I had known it was a sealed crate job I’d never have let Teeku talk me into it.

“It looks like everything is in order, good luck on the planet, do not forget to check back in once you leave. Teeku this message was left for you someone knew you were coming apparently.” Mentzer slides a datapad over to Teeku.

Upon reading it Teeku finds that it is a message from his Uncle, his cousin was part of the research team and has gone missing since the Nexu moved into the settlement. Teeku glances up from the datapad “What kind of research did you say was going on down there?” Lt. Mentzer raises an eyebrow “I didn’t, and regardless it’s classified.” Mentzer looks around making sure the guards in the room aren’t paying too close of attention. “I can tell you that you’ll want to avoid the lower levels of the outpost, there’s no sign that the Nexu breached the ”/wikis/imperial-research-base-r-17" class=“wiki-page-link”> research facility, and even if they did…" Mentzer lowers his voice to a whisper “…you do not want to go down there.”

As soon as the party was alone back on the ship Teeku bursts out “We are SO going down there, my cousin seems to have gotten himself into some trouble with the Nexu, he was part of the research team according to my Uncle. And I don’t want to hear any cat and mouse jokes Dais.”

Dais looks disappointed but then perks up at the remembrance of the cargo-hold of medical supplies. “Fine fine, how about you scan us up a settlement to sell those medical supplies to, we aren’t going to find a better opportunity, imperial quarantine in place, dangerous jungle planet this is a smuggler’s dream.” IG-Z looks at Dais “Our vessel was scanned from top to bottom by the Empire, we are not smuggling anything.” Vet laughs “Way to suck the fun out of everything IG-Z.” Teeku cuts them off “I’ve found a settlement it’s actually really close to the landing pad, looks like there’s even a road there, and given what I’ve been seeing with these scans that’s a rarity.”

Once settled on the landing pad the party sets out towards the settlement. Instantly unnerved by the wild sounds and dense jungle surrounding them, the party pulls out there weapons as they walk down the road. Teeku stops in the middle of the path “Do you guys hear something? I think it’s a speeder bike.” All of a sudden from out of the jungle a large swarm of insects each the size of a fist burst out and head towards Vet. Everyone starts opening fire at once, a few getting picked off and then IG-Z steps forward and squashes half of them with the flat of his ax. Teeku then steps forward “Let’s see how this thing works”, flipping a switch a large swath of flame belches from the end of his flame thrower cooking the remaining insects. Dais and Vet grimace as Teeku starts to pick through the cooked bugs and begins eating them.

The rest of the trip is made without incident. Upon arriving at the village it’s clear that it’s a bit rudimentary, one building of note stands out and the party heads towards that. As they enter they see that it’s the town general store, saloon and meeting hall all rolled into one.

An older gentleman from behind the store counter looks over at Dais and the others “Welcome to the retreat. Don’t get many visitors around these parts.” Dais turns on his charm “A dangerous world like this you must be in need of medical supplies, and we just happen to have a whole shipments worth back at our ship, would you be interested?” After several minutes of haggling Dais comes out ahead with a healthy profit margin, as the group was leaving the saloon, Dais mentions “I even got him to let us rent a couple speeders for while we’re here.”

Some of the locals head back to the ship with the party and take possession of the medical supplies. The party decides to sleep on the ship for the night and head out in the morning. “Did that saloon guy mention why the Nexu are upset?” Vet asks Dais as they were getting ready to head out in the morning. Dais nods “It seems the Imperials built their outpost right on top the Nexu nesting grounds.”

A couple hours of travel on the speeders finds the party at the mouth of a cave network. As they move deeper into the caves they come out on a ledge that opens out into a large cavern, with a path that leads down into the main portion of the outpost. There are a number of buildings, including a large warehouse in the middle of the outpost, and what is most likely the Governor’s residence at the far end. “Let’s find the generator and get this place lit up. Teeku do you see any likely buildings that would house the generator?” Dais asks. Teeku scans the area “It’s either this one down to our left or the one at the other end past the warehouse.”

Inspecting the closer building the party finds it contains the fuel for the generator. IG-Z picks up two of the containers and follows the group to the next building. “Ah here we go just give me a few minutes and I’ll have this place lit up like a life day tree.” Teeku says. Dais, Vet, and IG-Z set guard outside the maintenance shed. After a few minutes the generator hums to life and lights start kicking on from all around the perimeter of the outpost lighting up the interior. Including two Nexu perched on top of buildings adjacent to the maintenance shed. The lights kicking on startle the Nexu and they pounce from the rooftops at IG-Z but both come up short.

Teeku steps out of the maintenance shed, flame thrower roaring to life and scorches one of the Nexu. Vet lowers his rifle and puts it out of its misery. IG-Z steps forward and hamstrings the other one with a viscious slash to the leg. The Nexu lunges at IG-Z chomping down on his leg, knocking him over and starts to drag him off. Teeku then steps forward and lights it on fire. It immediately let’s go of IG-Z and starts to run but collapses a few feet away. The party drags the corpses into the warehouse and scan for other nearby Nexu. Inside the warehouse they see an elevator shaft that would appear to go down to the lower labs. Dais gives Teeku a knowing look “We should at least clear the top before heading down below.” Teeku just smiles “We’ll see.”


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