Angar Dalsmith

Phlut Design Systems - AI Engineer


Species: Duros


Angar Dalsmith was an AI Engineer at Phlut Design Systems when they were bought out by Holowan Mechanicals. After the slaughter by the IG-88s, Holowan made a decree that all models pre-88 must be terminated. Programming was inserted into all future lines to see this come about.

Angar was extremely angry at this decision and left Holowan immediately after the policy was implemented. He also stole many of the blue prints and managed to save much of the AI code he had developed. AI engineers have an exceedingly difficult time of grasping the concept that Droids are not truly alive and sentient, as the academics all agree upon. And Angar was no different.

He had proceeded to set up several operations continuing to build his droids, and at times, whenever he accumulated enough of them, would wage his own private war against the Holowan corporation. He had conducted several attacks against manufacturing facilities making off with spare parts whenever he managed to be successful.

Angar Dalsmith is one of the most wanted individuals by Holowan, and they don’t care if he is taken alive. All new droids have him and a few others like him planted in their memory banks. It is not good for the bottom line to have their factories attacked by their own droids (or at least what look like their own droids) after all. The cost in PR spin and bribes to bury stories are off the charts.

Angar Dalsmith

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