Dais Sundar

Smuggler (Scoundrel). Captain of the Mynoc’s Buffet


Obligation: Addiction -20 (Adrenaline) | Motivation: Former Nemesis


Illegal trade thrived on Coruscant under Imperial rule. The Coruscanti elite kept smugglers busy as prohibited items became the ultimate symbols of status and wealth.

After losing his father during the first Battle of Coruscant, Dais grew up into a rebellious teenager, with a strong dislike of the empire and the wealthy that benefited from it.
One particular smuggler, Aver Sirlu, drew much of the ire of Dais. A neighbor of the Sundar family, Aver was well know as the go to guy for banned artwork on Coruscant, and was brazen about his wealth and connections.

After years of enduing snide remarks and petty vandalism from Dais, Aver finally confronted the young man. Aver, it turns out, had also been smuggling weapons and supplies from the Alliance for the local Rebel cells. Surprised and eager to help, Dais convinced Aver to take him on as an apprentice.

Dais started his new life smuggling bacta, and eventually went on to take over for Aver when he retired.

Dais Sundar

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