Durian Quix

Bounty Hunter


The party first encountered Durian on Nar Shaddaa when he led an ambush of the party while they loaded some cargo onto their ship. He faked going down to a shot and snuck off while the party was distracted, at the time they had no idea who he was.

After arriving on The Wheel to deliver that same cargo, Ral Tosh sent the party a security debrief on Durian, including a photo, with everything he was able to dig up, which isn’t much.

Durian has been affiliated with the Red Wolves for some time and it is thought that he’s the specialist they send in for important jobs. Somehow the Red Wolves were able to infiltrate the Crimson Death security detail guarding Grigg and his estate gaining privileged information about Grigg’s business operations. While the extent of the espionage is unclear, what Ral is almost certain of is that the Red Wolves are after Grigg’s cargo and that it, and the party are both in a lot of danger.

Prior to joining the Red Wolves, Durian had earned a reputation as being one of the best bounty hunter’s for hire.

He is cold and calculating, preferring to work alone but isn’t afraid to use others, especially as a distraction to his main mission. There are multiple documented reports that he is an exceptional marksman and his weapon of choice is a highly customized sniper rifle.

Durian Quix

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