Hired Gun - Marauder Droid


Obligation: Oath – 15 ** Motivation: Relationship-Mentor


The IG-Z series is the latest model in the IG-series Sentinel droid line. With the embarrassment caused by the IG-88 series, Holowan Mechanicals has decreed that all IG-8X and below models must be terminated on site. This is not public knowledge as Holowan Mechanicals does not want to risk a recall on those lines and the subsequent hit to their earnings for that year. So instead the Z-series line has hidden programming unbeknownst to the individuals buying them that they are to eliminate on sight any IG-8X droids they come across. In Holowan’s mind it’s a win win scenario either the Z’s clean up the problem or their owners have to buy new droids.

After the IG-88’s slaughtered their creator’s the programmers at Holowan made a point to add an extra bit of programming to create a sense of loyalty and protectiveness towards their makers. Z36 has a particular affinity towards his programmer, Jade Sylvira, she went so far as to even include her family in that protective set of programming. This programming has caused a rash of bizarre accidents and killings whenever an IG-Z catches wind of anti-holowan thinking. The intent was just to make sure the IG-Zs do not rebel and attack their maker’s but the result was much more sinister.


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