Vet Altair

Gran (Soldier - Sharpshooter)


Obligation: Bounty – 10 | Motivation: Relationship / Comrades


Growing up on his home world Kinyen, Vet was an avid hunter. He was a natural with a rifle, able to hit his target with ease, almost as if his gun was an extension of himself. Most days were spent warding off predators from his colony or simply shooting targets for sport with his brother Marik.

Life on Kinyen was relatively peaceful, but Vet’s transition into the Rebel Alliance started when the Galactic Empire leveled his home town, Hekaras. He was out investigating a recent surge of attacks against his city. Upon hearing the sounds of destruction, he immediately rushed home to find his family dead among the rubble.

Over the course of the following days to come, Vet killed as many of the empire’s army as possible until a bounty was placed on his head. Fearing for his life, and isolation from the rest of his community, Vet sought to join the alliance as a Soldier and quickly moved up the ranks as one of their top Sharpshooters.

During his time in the Alliance, Vet made a lot of new companions. Nothing could replace the loss of his family, but as a Gran, companions are a necessary part of life. Vet thought he had found his calling in the alliance, until a group of his close companions propositioned an offer he couldn’t refuse…

Vet Altair

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