Galaxy in Peril

Episode 1 - Desperate Times

Jobs had been barely paying the bills for the past few months. The party finds themselves heading to a place where jobs are plentiful if your moral compass is broke the infamous moon Nar Shaddaa.

While hanging out in a cantina trying to drink himself into being willing to take one of the seedier jobs available, Dais Sundar gets an invitation to meet with Grigg the Hutt a job that would solve all of the current problems and then some. Ten thousand credits.

Not familiar with Grigg, and especially after some of the job offers the party had received after landing on the moon, the crew decides to ask around town to see just how shady this particular Hutt is.

After a couple hours of asking around the party has a pretty good picture of Grigg a surprisingly upstanding businessman considering he’s a Hutt. He has a reputation of being fair and honest.

The party heads out to Grigg’s estate, walking down the middle of a busy street. But before they get halfway there a pair of Gamorreans with vibo-axes charge the party.

The party all sees them coming except for IG-Z36 but upon seeing the party react he turns around brandishing his own vibro-axe and charges the pair of thugs. His blow lands almost instantly dropping one of the Gamorreans, the party pulls out their blasters and starts shooting at the other one. Teeku Shodu decides to put a little distance between himself and the deadly blades, dances backwards out of the combat. The crippled Gamorreans glances IG-Z36 with a blow, the other quickly closes on Vet Altair dropping him to the ground with a vicious blow. IG-Z36 drops the Gamorrean he is fighting with one final swing, while Dais finishes off the one standing over Vet.

The party quickly takes the axes, being that desperate for credits, and searches the bodies for any clues as to who would be attacking them. Finding a tattoo no one recognizes they take note and decide to get out of the streets before someone decides to pay attention to what happened.

Upon arriving at Grigg’s estate, it comes across as a bit modest compared to many that the party passed along the way but without a doubt it is well fortified. A pair of Gamorrean’s stand guarding the gate, after a brief conversation a male protocol droid (Dais had to check) leads the party back to Grigg.

Grigg is a younger Hutt, rather enthusiastic in his mannerisms. With brief introductions Grigg launches into why the party is there. “You have been asking around town and therefore know that I have a reputation of fair business dealings. The job is simple, transport some cargo to The Wheel and you receive ten thousand credits upon delivery. Knowing you by your reputation I know I do not have to say this but for everyone’s benefit I’ll do so anyways, don’t look in the crates and no questions asked.”

After a quick conference the party haggles for some repairs and medical treatment for Vet, in addition to clearing the docking fees and other impound fees (Dais was sure he had another week to pay those). Grigg offers the party an addition two thousand if they will act as security for the loading of the ship, he has a party at his estate this evening and cannot spare his own men for security purposes.

As part of the deal, Dais also asked for any information Grigg has on the attack on them earlier in the afternoon. Grigg calls in his Chief of Security, Ral Tosh, Ral is not familiar with the tattoo but agrees to run it through their databases and get a dossier prepared before the party has to leave.

The party leaves to get final preparations in place, and then rest and heal up as best they can for the evenings activities.

Episode 2 - Trouble at the Loading Dock

After recovering from the day’s skirmish, the refreshed party prepares for the night’s guard duty. Before heading out, Ral Tosh hands the party what little information about the wolf tattoo that his organization had uncovered. It was the symbol of the pirate band known as the Red Wolves. Little is known about them, other than that they are a band of ruthless killers. The fact they are interested in the Dais’ crew is bad news.

Upon landing at the seedy space port, Dais Sundar messages Grigg’s men to get the night’s task in motion. The response back was a bit unexpected and set the crew on edge. “Yeah loading cargo doesn’t usually include a guarded escort. Something isn’t right here. We’re not moving until you guys get here to protect us.”

IG-Z36 and Teeku Shodu head towards where the cargo is being stored, while Vet Altair and Dais take position at the ship preparing defense in case of trouble.

As they round the corner, IG-Z and Teeku glance down a flight of stairs and notice a suspicious group of men with blasters drawn, crouched behind some crates. Seeing their cover was blown, the thugs charge up the stairs and IG-Z and Teeku immediately take cover. IG-Z takes a glancing shot as the crate he is hiding behind gets disintegrated by the incoming blaster fire.

Dais charges down the walkway with a blaster in each hand, firing as he runs. Two of the attackers drop in the hail of fire. Teeku then leaps out from behind cover taking another thug out with two shots to the chest.

From where the thugs appeared, a rather large figure steps out from the shadows, drawing a bead on IG-Z and firing. The well placed shot hits one of IG-Z’s leg stabilizers knocking him off balance.

IG-Z recovers and steps around the smoldering remains of his cover and slashes at the remaining thug with his ax, dropping him to the floor in multiple pieces. Dais notices the large figure at the bottom of the stairs speak into his comm. Behind the party, a set of doors start to open. Teeku shoots the control panel and the doors jam partially open, slowing down whatever resides behind them. IG-Z then quickly pushes a loaded pallet in front of the door to buy the party more time.

Dais and Teeku start firing at the large figure and presumed leader of this ambush hitting him multiple times. They see him slump against the door, but before they can get down to him the make shift barrier collapses and another four goons charge through the door. IG-Z takes another burst of blaster fire to the chest and then wades into the group undeterred, ax spinning in vicious circles. Two of the thugs collapse and the other two are bloodied. Vet lines up a shot, taking one out, and Teeku unloads his blaster to finish off the last.

Upon inspection of the bodies more Red Wolves tattoos are found. When the party turns to go inspect the leader they see that he is no longer there, having recovered and fled during the fighting.

When the party returns to their cargo they find Grigg’s crew has fled, and are forced to handle the labor.They quickly get the cargo loaded onto the ship and take off before Red Wolves reinforcements or the docking authority show up to the bloody scene.

As their ship, Mynoc’s Buffet, was gaining altitude, Dais notices a couple ships take off and start to follow them. He calls out for the party to take combat positions and Teeku and Vet jump to the guns; IG-Z takes a position next to the targeting computer.

The ships start opening fire. Dais has a dark little secret that the party likes to ignore, he’s an adrenaline junkie, so rather than taking evasive maneuvers he decides to charge the fighters instead. Vet and Teeku open fire with the ships guns, but due to the amount of damage sustained during the previous battle, IG-Z isn’t able to tap into the targeting computer to give it a boost. Vet manages to line up a clean shot and cripples one of the ships and it quickly starts falling towards the moon as gravity pulls it in.

The other fighter unleashes a pair of concussion missiles. Dais feels the surge of adrenaline that he craves as he stays on target rather than trying to evade. Both missiles are direct hits, blowing a massive hole in Mynoc Buffet’s hull. IG-Z struggles against the rapidly decompressing ship and manages to seal off the area by forcing the inner chamber door closed through sheer brute force.

As soon as IG-Z seals the door, the remaining ship lands another shot, tearing the exterior hole even bigger, then turns to flee, assuming the job is done. Rather than limping back to the moon, Dais gives chase; Vet obliges him with a dead-eye shot and the remaining ship disintegrates in an explosion of metal.

After the excitement dies down, IG-Z states “We should go back to planet for repairs. I’m not sure who is in worse shape, me or the ship.” Dais shakes his head and replies, “It’s too dangerous. They obviously know who we are, and we don’t know enough about them. We’ll find a nearby station to lay up, make our repairs, and do some recon to find out what else we can discover about these Red Wolves. They’re too coordinated for someone as big as Crimson Death to not know anything about them. I’m a bit suspicious of our intel. If Ral Tosh was being honest with us, I have a feeling some of his people weren’t being honest with him. Hey Teeku, get some sleep. You’re going to be really busy once we land.”

Episode 3 - Smooth Landing

Dais Sundar plotted course for the Saki System. Although still in Hutt Space, the people of the planet Sakiya were not under Hutt control. More importantly they aren’t said to be outright hostile to strangers.

As Dais flipped the switch to come out of hyperspace a small explosion could be heard from the back of the ship, fire klaxons start going off and it is all Dais can do to not crash the ship into a moon. He wrestles the ship into the atmosphere of Sakiya thanking the fates that the explosion at least held off until they were out of hyperspace.

Dais chose to get repairs at a trading outpost called Saki San Station, the outpost is known to be friendly to smugglers. The alternative was landing at the more populated city of Sakitazara where more regulations were present and questions would definitely be asked about the cargo aboard the ship.

Unfortunately for Dais and the rest of the crew, the fire that had started from the explosion was quickly spread throughout the electronics of the ship, knocking out communications and the control panel, and without the ability to activate the afterburners Dais overshot the outpost by a couple kilometers bringing the ship down hard. From the back of the ship Dais heard Teeku yell out “Did you just crash my ship?” Dais yelled back “First of all it’s my ship and second it doesn’t count as a crash if the ship doesn’t break apart. Now get those fires out before you don’t have a ship to fix.” Teeku went on to mention the hyper-drive motivator is what caused the explosion, but in order to even get the ship off the ground again, a new electronics harness for the control panel would be needed. The fire had fused all the wiring together.

Vet Altair enters the ship after having scouted out the surroundings while Teeku and Dais were arguing. “It appears you’ve landed us in a swamp.” Dais looks over at Vet and sighs “Appears eh? Is that why you’re covered in muck up to your waist? Without communications we don’t have a choice but to hike back to the outpost and hope they have the part we need.”

IG-Z36, Dais and Vet set out across the swamp leaving Teeku to do what he can with the ship. After an hour of trudging through swamp Dais had made up his mind he was going to give Grigg a piece of his mind, “this is not what we signed up for” he thought to himself.

After traveling a bit further the group came upon a river, IG-Z cuts down a tree for them to cross over on, but the muck from the swamp made the tree slick and everyone slipped, and fell off before making it to the other side. In reality it was a blessing as the river washed off some of the mud and grime.

After trudging through the swamp even further, Vet feels something brush up against his leg, he pauses for half a second and then finds his entire leg wrapped in a massive tentacle. Vet starts firing into the water, the tentacle grabbing him spasms, he assumes he must have struck home with one of the shots. IG-Z wades forward slamming his ax down into the water, blood seeps up to the surface, but then IG-Z feels a tentacle wrap around both his legs and the next thing he knows he is submerged.

Dais quickly backs away, climbing onto a nearby spot of bare land sticking out of the swamp. Before he can line up a shot at the tentacles, a group of giant bats descend upon him. Vet continues firing into the water and the tentacle suddenly releases its grip. IG-Z, also finding himself free of the tentacle, bursts out of the water looking for something to make pay for the indignity he had to endure, seeing the bats he lunges forward, savagely flailing his ax about, knocking three of the bats of the air. Dais backs away from the seemingly unhinged droid and coolly takes aim at the last bat dropping it from the sky. “Definitely not what we signed up for.” Dais muttered to himself again.

By the time the group got to the outpost Dais had worked himself up into a mood so dark that Vet and IG-Z knew there was no point in trying to dissuade him of what was to come next. “We’ll go secure some lodging and start IG-Z repairs” Vet mentions with a hesitant look at Dais, “Try not to get another bounty added to my list.” Dais gives Vet a grin that is equal parts self assurance and mischief and wanders off to find a way to get a hold of Grigg.

Once seated at the communication station, provided by the lodgings they were staying at, Dais punched in the number Grigg had given them, Grigg’s protocol droid appears on the holo before him. “How may I be of service?” Dais cuts him off “Just put Grigg on the line, if he ever wants to see his cargo reach its destination.” Grigg appears on the holo a few minutes later, Ral Tosh can be seen in the background in what appears to be an advisory role. Grigg looks nervous but tries not to let it show. In his typical jovial manner Grigg starts out “Ah Dais I trust all is as it should be and that my cargo is well on it’s way to the Wheel.”

Dais tries to find his inner zen before moving forward, as all he can think of is the shambles his ship is in. “This is not what we signed up for,” Dais states through gritted teeth, “my ship has a hole in it the size of a bantha, my droid is missing large pieces and my whole crew is shot up. Now I haven’t look in the crate, and I’m honoring our pact of no questions asked, but if you want the cargo to get to its destination we’re going to need another 10k credits just to get the ship off the ground and re-arm ourselves.” Ral Tosh leans over Grigg showing him something on a datapad, concern washes over Griggs features and he proceeds to say “This will not do, that cargo must reach it’s destination on time, I will contact the ship yard at the outpost to get your ship repaired, and wire you an additional five thousand credits for gear and repairs of your droid. The cargo must reach the Wheel at the agreed upon time.” A bit taken a back at how easy that was, Dais simply smiles and says “good” and signs off before the Hutt can change his mind.

The ship gets brought into the outpost. A massive transport ship was sent to retrieve it from the swamp. Dais thinks to himself the Hutt would’ve made out cheaper just giving us the ten thousand. While the ship get repaired, the crew rests up and recovers from their recent encounters. Dais sets about selling the various equipment they had acquired and attempts to haggle for some ship upgrades done on the sly. Unfortunately the outpost just doesn’t have those kind of items lying around.

The next day while wandering down the street, a Duros passes them going the other way, there is nothing out of the ordinary about this individual, but Vet notices IG-Z’s eyes turn red. IG-Z sees “Target Acquired” flashing across his inner readout. IG-Z immediately turns around and starts following the individual. Vet and Dais look at each other concerned. Hoping to avoid another incident, like what happened on Ord Mantell, they quickly start asking IG-Z questions, about why they’re following this person, who is he, why did your eyes turn red and so forth.

IG-Z starts rattling off what was stored in his memory banks about Angar Dalsmith as they follow him to a warehouse. At that point IG-Z pauses, we need to find out everything we can about this warehouse and why he is here. Dais once again looks at Vet and then asks without really wanting to know the answer “Why?” IG-Z without looking away from the warehouse simply states “Because he’s been designated for termination.”

Episode 4 - Droid be Trippin'

“We are not just waltzing into that warehouse, not after what happened last time we dealt with one of these people.” Dais Sundar states to the group with a frustrated sigh. “Teeku start asking around town see what you can turn up about this place, and what” Angar Dalsmith has been up to. We’ll be down at the cantina, uh, getting ready."

A few hours later Teeku shows up at the cantina. “It appears he’s working alone, no one has seen any one coming or going but him. We might as well go scout the joint see if we can figure out what we’re really up against.”

Vet takes lead, sneaking up to one of the windows. Mean while the rest of the crew circles around to the back of the warehouse. “I’m not seeing much here guys, just a lone security droid in front of what looks like an apartment. Lots of shipping crates, some spare droid parts lying about, and what I think might be his work station but it’s hard to make out through this grime with the lighting as it is.”

Once around to the back of the warehouse, Teeku attempts to slice open the side door, but to no avail. “Ok IG-Z you’re up, we’re breaching in 3 … 2 … 1… GO!” IG-Z moves up to the garage door and at the same time that he rips it off it’s track, Vet takes aim and let’s loose a blast at the security droid. Dais and Teeku burst through what was left of the garage door, opening fire on another security droid that was waiting on the other side of the apartment building. Before the first security droid can even react Vet lines up another shot and fires, leaving a second smoldering hole in it’s chest as it collapses to the ground.

The second security droid opens fire on Dais and then escapes into the apartment building sealing the door behind it. IG-Z rushes forward slamming into the door but it does not budge.

“Damn it IG-Z why am I getting shot, we’re not even getting paid for this. Although…” Dais looks around at the contents of the warehouse. “… this could be quite the score once all is said and done.” As Dais patches himself up with a stimpack, Vet and Teeku circle around the apartment. “Uh guys, I think that’s an elevator, Vet why the hell did you think this was an apartment, and why the hell do I have to crawl through the window, you guys suck.” Twenty seconds later the door to the “apartment” slides open, Teeku stands there with an annoyed look. IG-Z walks into the room and recalls the elevator. “Do we really want to go down there?” Dais asks, looking disgustedly at the hole in his coat. Once the elevator arrives, IG-Z immediately gets on, and the rest, with a sigh, follow suit.

As the elevator descends everyone readies their weapons, but when the door slides open they find an empty hallway with a doors on each side. Without pause IG-Z strides forward opening the door on the left, the room is dusty, filled with miscellaneous parts of old battle droids left over from the clone wars. IG-Z immediately turns and opens the other door.

Teeku does a double take peering over IG-Z’s shoulder, as two squads of battle droids standing at attention all turn their heads in their direction. As they start to lower their guns, Teeku leaps at the control panel trying to get the door sealed, in his haste though he drops his slicing tool and in that moment IG-Z leaps into the room eyes shining red, wading into the first group of droids before they get a chance to react. Two fall to the ground in pieces, and a third’s torso looks about ready to come apart. Vet cries out from behind “Why do you always charge them, we could’ve picked them off one at a time.” Dais bursts into the room guns blazing but doesn’t manage to connect any of this shots with the unengaged group.

The group fighting IG-Z open fire and the recoil from the blaster causes the damaged droid’s torso to break apart, taking it out of the fight. The rest of the party moves into the room and makes quick work of the remaining droids. “It’s no wonder they don’t make these anymore, these things are pathethic.” Vet states to no one in particular, kicking parts out of his way as the crew exits the room.

IG-Z once again takes the lead moving down the hall with determination, the hall ends in a T. IG-Z pauses, sensors scanning both directions and then proceeds left without a word. At the end of the left hall is another door, IG-Z proceeds through, without thought to what could lay behind, with Teeku right on his heels. Vet and Dais hold back a healthy distance ready for trouble.

The door opens up to a large room, on each side of the room are several metallic pedestals each with the head of a droid of varying antiquity resting on top. On the front of each pedestal is a circular disk protruding outward. In the middle of the room a holo communicator occupies the majority of the space. Behind it the true workstation is present, two giant display monitors take up the majority of the back wall, one showing various security footage of the party’s handiwork. The other showing news feeds of events happening around the empire.

The holo communicator has a flashing button, as if there were a transmission waiting to be accepted. IG-Z strides into the middle of the room and presses the button, from behind he can hear Vet cry out “Wait! Don’t press…”

As soon as the button is pressed Angar appears before the party with a smug expression, fingers pressed before him in the shape of a triangle. “I see you have found my laboratory.” This was said in a tone of equal parts ego-mania and amusement, that only a mad scientist can pull off. “I trust my droids were not too much of a nuisance.” He continues looking directly at IG-Z, awaiting a response.

IG-Z just stares back, scanning the hologram for any clues as to where his prey may be, scanning the surrounding area to make sure he isn’t simply hiding in the building. Teeku glances at IG-Z also waiting for a response but when none comes he smoothly replies “Oh no, no trouble at all.” Angar smiles and replies “Good good, I’m glad you were able to get in so easily, it’s unfortunate though, that you’ll never be leaving.”

He then reaches over to something outside the holo projector and each of the disks on the pedestals start to blink. “You see I’ve been hunted for too long by the likes of you IG-Z, oh yes, I know all about your secret programming. In two minutes time my thermal detonators will bring this building down on your heads, well more like your ashes, thermal detonators, you see, are very good at what they do.” Dais screams in the background “RUN!” and starts sprinting for the exit.

Just as he gets ready to round the corner leading back to the elevator, a blast door slams down in front of him. Desperately looking around for another way out he notices no one is following. “Guys let’s go those aren’t toy props, and I don’t think he’s bluffing” IG-Z stands there a moment longer scanning for any clues as to where Angar could be, then simply states “We will meet again.” And turns and walks away. From behind him he hears Angar laugh “Oh I have no doubts, I look forward to it, maybe I will start my new trophy collection with your head.”

Teeku bursts past IG-Z running down the hall to the door at the opposite end of the T, the security panel on that door is flashing red. Teeku pulls out his slicer and jacks in trying to bypass the lock on the door. The slicer spins and with a click a second security door slides down and the security panel turns a solid red. Dais mutters about wishing he had bought an R2 unit. Teeku continues his efforts though and a few seconds later both doors slide open, and Teeku almost gets trampled as the rest of the crew push through the door.

On the other side they find an elevator. They all pile in and press the button. Upon reaching the top they burst out of a side building into an alley next to the warehouse. Vet mentions “this must be how that second security droid got out without us seeing him.” The party starts running down the street behind them they hear a large explosion and see the warehouse collapse in on itself.

Teeku thinks to himself, as they get back to the hangar, “secret programming huh? we’ll have to see about that next time IG-Z is powered down.” Once in the hangar they find the ship isn’t ready yet. They take some time to find out what ships had gone off planet in the past day, to try and find out where Angar had escaped too. Assuming he had even gotten off planet. Dais greases a couple palms and gets access to the ship logs at the spaceport and finds out five ships had left, two for Nar Shaddaa, two smuggler ships both captains known by Dais, and one civilian charter-ship. The charter-ship conveniently was heading to the Wheel. Dais shares the news with the party, leaving out the bit about the Nar Shaddaa ships deciding to not let any ideas get into IG-Z’s head, because that is the last place Dais was ready to head back to.

A few hours pass, the party lays low inside the ship as the final repairs get completed. They then set out for the Wheel. The remainder of the trip was thankfully uneventful and upon arrival Dais gets directed to land in docking bay 357.

“OK let’s get our cargo good and hidden and head down to deck C, we are to meet our contact at the cantina down there. “There’s only one cantina down there?” Teeku asks skeptically. “It’s something along the lines of Red’s Lair, I’m sure it won’t be hard to find. I hope Red is an agreeable sort.” Dais mused.

As they make their way down to deck C, and head in the direction of the cantina, more and more graffiti covers the walls. Some of it bearing a striking resemblance to the red wolves tattoos they had found on Nar Shaddaa.

They loosen the weapons in their holsters and find themselves on edge all the way to the cantina, but run into no trouble. The symbol over the door doesn’t just share a resemblance, it is without a doubt the symbol of the Red Wolves. “This is a really bad idea.” Dais mumbles. They take a seat in the cantina and wait for their contact to arrive. After thirty minutes Dais can’t take it any more and goes to find a holo communicator. There’s one in the back of the cantina so he sits down and calls the contact number for Grigg the Hutt. Grigg’s protocol droid regretfully informs Dais of the fact that Grigg is unavailable, Dais settles for Ral Tosh instead. “Your guy hasn’t shown up. And you have us waiting in the very lair of the people that ambushed us before. These guys are everywhere how can you not know anything about them.” Ral looks a bit abashed. “There have been some security incidents of late and some personnel have since been replaced. We’ve uncovered new information I’ll send it over now. Did you say the cantina is their base?” Ral looks extremely concerned, even more so than when mentioned the contact never showed. “Get back to your ship now, the cargo must be protected. I will pull some strings to get you whatever help we can that’s present on the station.” A moment later The Transmission show’s up on Dais’ data pad.

With that he signed out, Dais stands up gives the party a concerned look and heads for the door. “He’s not coming.” He states casually, walking out. Once out on the street though, they all start sprinting for the docking bay.

Episode 5 - Snipers are Bantha Fodder

As the party ran down the street street Dais looked around and notices Vet isn’t with them. “Where’s Vet?” Teeku shrugs “He was standing guard outside, maybe he ran on ahead when you said we’re leaving.” “He wouldn’t have had enough time to get out of sight, did you see any signs of a struggle when we left?” Dais asks with a tone of concern in his voice. “No pools of blood if that’s what you mean other than that, I was a little distracted.” Teeku responds. “Well we don’t have time to go look for him now, we’ll just hope he wandered off with one of the working girls, we know he can’t resist a blue Twi’lek.” IG-Z responds “A likely possibility his communicator is off, 86.753% of the time he turns it off during rendezvous of that nature.” Dais reddens at the memories of the other 14% of the time.

A few minutes later the party arrives at the hangar bay. There’s a long corridor with three doorways entering into the hangar. After a quick debate they settle on the first door and sneak in, even IG-Z manages to successfully sneak in, but it becomes apparent why it was so easy as Dais peeks around a corner. A tech with a welding torch is working on getting through the cargo door of Mynoc’s Buffet. There is a squad of four humans with blaster rifles guarding the technician. Two Weequay are keeping a look out, with vibro axes in hand.

There are several large crates in the middle of the hangar. Dais and Teeku sneak over to the crates for a better vantage point. A series of hand signals pass between them and they both aim and simultaneous shoot at the same Weequay, he immediately drops to the floor. The other Weequay stands there stunned, looking around for where the blast came from. Dais opens up with another shot hitting him in the arm.

Then from behind them a blaster bolt barely misses Dais, it explodes into the crate Dais was hiding behind. The heat from the explosion forces Dais to move away from the crate out into the open. Upon seeing Dais fall out from behind cover, the Weequay recovers himself and charges forward. Before getting to Dais, he sees Teeku crouched behind a crate. He turns, bringing his ax around in a vicious arc, leaving a huge gash across Teeku’s back.

The group with the blasters open fire and Dais, who without the benefit of cover takes multiple hits, one of which catches him in the knee knocking him to the ground. Teeku runs out from behind his cover, and more importantly away from the vibro ax, and opens fire on the group with the blasters.

IG-Z bursts out from his hiding spot bringing his own ax to bear. With a spinning slash he catches the Weequay out of position to defend and then throws the life less body on top of Dais for cover.

Hiding beneath the body Dais scrambles into his medpac pulling out a stim kit and applying it with a sigh of relief. The group with the blasters turn their attention to Teeku, who also finds himself without cover, and opens fire. Teeku takes several hits, he immediately turns and runs for cover “I hope you’re having a good time Vet, because we’re all going to die.” Teeku thinks to himself as he dives behind cover. IG-Z charges towards the group with blasters. Dais opens fire on the group taking one out of the fight, crawling out from under the body and charging forward.

From behind them a shot rings out and Teeku watches as a blaster lances through IG-Z’s eye socket, leaving a hole the size of a fist. IG-Z stumbles but continues his charge towards the group with blasters. Teeku glances in the direction of the shot and sees Durian Quix crouched in a vent up in the rafters of the hangar bay.

The group with blasters open up on Dais, wounding him. Teeku steps out from behind his cover and opens up on them, taking out another one, right before IG-Z gets to the group and finishes them off.

IG-Z takes a menacing step towards the technician and states in a harsh metallic voice, “Get away from the ship.” The tech drops his welding torch and runs into a corner trying to create as much space as possible between himself and the droid.

Dais limps to the ship as fast as his wounds let him and opens the door struggling up the ramp. Teeku looks in the direction of Durian and sees that he’s already working his way back into the vent, apparently intent on escape. Teeku takes the opportunity to race across the open space and boards the ship. IG-Z looks at the technician and points to the ship “Get on.” When the technician just stays cowering in the corner, IG-Z takes a step towards him and the technician bolts for the ramp of the ship giving the droid a wide berth.

A few minutes later, as the party is busy patching up their wounds, the security detail appears. “This is Lt. Fren. Please come out of the ship we need to ask you some questions.” Dais responds “Do the questions come with an apology for letting my ship get attacked?” Teeku looks at him “First of all it’s my ship, and second why do you always have to antagonize them?” Dais grins and with a shrug opens the door and starts heading down the ramp “See what you can get out of our guest, I’ll stall for time.”

After several minutes of arguing outside with Lt. Fren, and several minutes of convincing inside, the security detail enters the ship and retrieves the technician. Dais comes in with a grimace “What’d you find out? They’re taking all the guns from the thugs as evidence.” IG-Z responds flatly “He was hired for the day. He didn’t know who he was working for but when he realized the danger he was in it was too late to do anything.” Dais sighs “Well it was definitely Red Wolves again, they all have the tattoo.” Teeku pipes in “Not only was it the Red Wolves, it was Durian again, I saw him with a sniper rifle up in the rafters.” Dais grunts, “Well I’ve convinced Lt. Fren to leave guards posted on our ship while we head down to the med bay. He said it’ll probably take all night for the investigation to finish up anyways so it wasn’t much of a loss of man power.”

Dais heads towards the ship’s communicator “Let’s check in with Grigg before we head down to the med bay though, we need to figure out what he wants done with this cargo.”

Once again Grigg isn’t available, he is off planet, Dais is told. The protocol droid passes him along to Ral Tosh who after a few minutes of conversation explains that the security breach was deeper than they thought, and the contact the party was given was a fake. He then gives Dais the real buyer of the cargo’s info and hangs up.

Dais calls the new contact and a figure hidden in shadow appears on the communicator. His voice is masked by a scrambler. He confirms he is indeed still interested in the cargo and they arrange a meetup in Hangar Bay 47 at 10 pm the next evening.

As the party makes their way to the medical station and IG-Z heads off to the repair facility, Teeku asks whether they should look for Vet. Dais shakes his head “If he’s in trouble we can’t help him, and if he’s not in trouble he’s not going to want our help. We’ll go look for him in the morning after we get patched up.”

Episode 6 - Signed, Sealed, Delivered

After spending the night getting healed up, Dais, Teeku and IG-Z are back at the ship getting ready to head out and look for Vet. Dais’ communicator buzzes, Lieutenant Fren is on the line. “We’ve found something you’re going to need to collect, meet me at the med bay.”

As the party enters the med bay they see Vet getting let out of a bacta tank. “He was found unconscious in an alley. More of those Red Wolves jumped him most likely. He kept muttering all the way to the med bay, that the whole thing was a setup. Any idea what he might mean by that?” Teeku and Dais look at each other, Dais takes the lead “Probably that the girl he was hitting on was a plant for a mugging.” Lt. Fren looks like he doesn’t believe him, but shrugs anyway, “He’s all yours, come by Security HQ later to make a statement.”

Once back at the ship the questions start pouring in, “So what really happened Vet, blue Twi’lek or not I don’t believe you’d leave your post mid mission” Teeku says with a grin.

Vet shakes his head “I don’t remember much, although it wasn’t the Red Wolves, I remember a pair of droids. If I had to guess it’s IG-Z’s buddy looking for a little payback for what happened on Sakiya.”

“Well let’s go see if you gave as good as you got.” The party heads back down to the scene of the crime, looking in the surrounding alley’s for any evidence. “Here’s something, you must’ve gone down with a bit of a fight.” Teeku says holding up what looks to be a shoulder blade of a droid.

The party heads to Security HQ and while Vet makes his statement, Teeku hands the part over to one of the technicians. After several minutes of scanning the tech comes across a serial number. “Oh this is interesting. This serial number indicates it’s a part, from a specific line of security droid. All droids must be registered upon entering the wheel. Give me a few minutes.” After much less than a minute “Ah here we go, this line of security droid is only registered by 5 individuals, the Governor, two private owners, the casino on Level 2, and a corporation called Phlut Design Systems, they have a warehouse over in hangar bay 47.”

Dais lets out an audible groan. “Thanks for your time. If Vet is all done we’ll be on our way.” Once outside the security office Dais goes into a tirade, "Why does this always happen, are you kidding me? The guy that tried to blow us up is the guy we’re delivering the goods to? " Teeku throws in helpfully “We don’t know it’s him, although it likely is, let me go ask around in the cantinas about how business goes down in hangar bay 47. See if we’re walking into a trap or not.” “Alright while you do that I’m going to go get Ral Tosh, on the comm make sure we’re not getting triple crossed or whatever number we’re up to at this point, when it comes to getting screwed over because of this package. Vet and IG-Z I know some guys that will do the delivery for us for a couple hundred credits, we’re not risking IG-Z going berserk and screwing up the job at the last minute, if it is the same guy.”

IG-Z’s head slowly swivels to face Dais “I can wait until the conclusion of our business dealings before removing his head from his body, I’m not burdened by the petty emotions you lesser races have to deal with.” Everyone takes a step away from IG-Z. Vet whispers to Teeku “You know someday he’s going to snap and kill us all right?” Teeku just laughs “I’m sure a bounty hunter will turn you in well before that happens, speaking of which how much are you worth again?” “That’s not funny, and I keep telling you they had it coming and I’d do it again.”

An hour later the party reconvenes at the ship. Vet starts out with “OK I’ve got the delivery crew hired all is good on that front.” Teeku follows up with “Same M.O. as Angar on Sakiya, stuff goes in nothing comes out, people suspect something big is getting built in there.” “Good, Ral Tosh said all we have to do is get a recording of the acceptance of the package and the money will be delivered. Let’s go scout out the place, make sure we don’t get ambushed again by” Durian Quix.

As the time for delivery arrives everyone gets into position. Vet follows Durian’s lead and climbs up in a vent. IG-Z, Teeku and Dais sneak into the hangar bay to record the transaction and to protect the package in the event of another ambush.

As the delivery crew arrives, a hooded figure flanked by a team of security droids steps out of the warehouse. Dais looks nervously over at IG-Z but his eyes stay the normal color. The hooded figure looks around, once the delivery crew arrives, as if expecting someone else. He takes possession of the crate and walks back into the warehouse. Dais lets out a sigh of relief. “What stopped you from going into a berserker rage this time IG-Z?” IG-Z responds “The hooded figure was unidentifiable, and the droids were not IG models, but if you want we can investigate further.” “No, no we’re getting paid and getting off this station immediately. Too many people here seem to want us dead.”

As the party gets back to the ship Dais heads off to collect their pay. IG-Z gets a call on his internal comm. Upon answering he hears the familiar voice of Angar Dalsmith “I am disappointed IG-Z, I was hoping for another meeting. Had I known it was you delivering the cargo I would have accepted in on Nar Shaddaa.” IG-Z responds with “Who is your backer? You cannot possibly afford to keep losing your base of operations like this?” There is a long pause before Angar responds irritably “I cannot wait to dissect you I will spread your pieces throughout the far ends of the galaxy.” At that IG-Z disconnects. He immediately places a call to his contact at Holowan Mechanicals “Priority Target Angar Dalsmith has an operation set up on the Wheel, using the corporate name of Phlut Design Systems.” A voice on the other end responds “Affirmative IG-Z36 a team will take it from here. Is there a contact on the Wheel we can use?” IG-Z responds with a name and hangs up.

Dais comes back to the ship with a huge grin on his face. “Alright much as I want to get out of here I’m going to go find us another smuggling job before we head out.” Teeku bursts out “Oh hell no, after what we just went through on a simple shipping job, we’re hunting some bounties it’s bound to be safer. I’m going to go check the boards. Why don’t you see about getting a bacta tank installed on the ship, seems like we’re needing one everywhere we go.”

Teeku finds a couple of promising jobs on the boards. One is an investigation and retrieval job, “that’s not really what we do, but the pay is good” Teeku thinks to himself. The other is clearing some local wildlife out of an outpost. “That seems simple enough and the pay is better than I’d expect to kill a few womp rats.”

Happy with himself he heads over to the contact for the wildlife gig. Upon entering the establishment Teeku is taken aback by the stark contrast from the halls of the station. “It’s like I stepped into a jungle, what is this place?” Off to his right he hears a Wookie growl and a protocol droid steps forward and translates embellishing the way protocol droids usually do. “Welcome to Captain Shorwarr’s Exotic Safaris and Expeditions. Captian Shorwarr inquires if you are interested in going on a safari in the Rodian Hunting Grounds on Kashyyyk..” Teeku blinks in surprise “I thought the Empire shut those down.” The protocol droid continued on “Those with the right amount of credits can still use them and they’ll even have permission from the empire. Are you interested?” Teeku shakes his head “No I’m here for details on a bounty. Some wildlife problem on Cholghanna?” Teeku can hear Shorwarr laughing and responds in a growl the protocol droid continues “Captain Shorwarr does not have high hopes for you ability to complete the job. But since the bounty is paid upon return it’s your skin if you fail. The job pays 500 credits per pelt, and 1000 credits for an item out of the Governor’s mansion.” "Sounds easy enough, pelt of what exactly? "

The protocol droid tilts its head to the side why a Nexu of course.

“Of course” Teeku says with a grimace, I’ll take the job." Shorwarr speaks to the droid and walks into the back, "Very good sir, here are the security clearance codes you’ll need to get past the imperial blockade, the planet is currently quarantined. " This just keeps getting better and better Teeku thinks to himself, as he walks out after gathering the codes and details about the governor’s mansion. “Maybe Dais won’t have heard of Nexu before. Maybe I’ll pick up a flamethrower, pretty sure they don’t like fire.” Teeku can be heard muttering to himself while walking down the corridors.

As they’re all on the ship lounging about a couple days off the Wheel and a few days away yet from Cholghanna, Dais mentions to Teeku “I can’t believe you found a job that pays 500 credits per cat skin this is going to be a walk in the park.” IG-Z responds “It’s a jungle not a park, and as for cats well…” Teeku hops up “hey lets see what’s on the holo-net” bursting in before IG-Z could finish. Teeku fires up the holo-net.

“This is Carlie Stardock with the Imperial News Network…” Vet giggles to himself “I’d star her dock” IG-Z looks at him “That doesn’t make any sense.” Vet replies “Man it’s a eupha…” Dais cuts him off “If you finish that sentence I’ll eupha your ism now shut up I want to hear this.” Vet blinks at him and turns back to the display. “… breaking news from the Wheel, the intergalactic terrorist Angar Dalsmith has been apprehended by local authorities, we have local correspondents on the scene.” The holo-net cuts over to the wheel where Lt. Fren is being interviewed. “Lt. Fren how did you and your team manage to apprehend such a dangerous terrorist?” Lt. Fren does not appear to enjoy the limelight and says in a serious tone “My team got an anonymous tip about a bomb threat, sure enough when we got there the place was all rigged to blow. We defused all the bombs and took Angar and all of his property into custody.” The scene cuts back to Carlie “We have also been informed that in a surprising degree of cooperation Angar Dalsmith will be turned over to the Empire. We have also found out that all assets of the corporation Phlut Design Systems have been seized by the Empire for their connection to the terrorist.”

Dais looks over at IG-Z “Anonymous tip huh? Well I’m glad we won’t have to be looking over our shoulder any more for that guy.”

A couple days later the party arrives at the planet Cholghanna. “We’ll have to get a hold of the Imperials before we head down there.”

Meanwhile on the edge of Imperial Space outside the Wheel. An Imperial Shuttle flanked by an escort of TIE Fighters carries important cargo. An Imperial officer looks condescendingly at his prisoner. “So you see Angar your campaign of terror is at an end. The Emperor himself has declared your sentence is to be execution on Coruscant.” The pilot looks over his shoulder “Sir we have company, a pair of Y-Wings and several Z-95 headhunters just showed up on the radar.” Angar smiled to himself. “Coruscant may very well be in my future, but not until I am ready and not until I have my army with me.” The officer gives Angar a concerned look. “Battlestations! He is not to escape our custody.” The ship rocks as several blasts hit the hull, and then the lights go out. “We’ve been hit with Ion Cannons Sir. We’ve lost all controls.” A loud boom comes from the entrance ramp, and sparks start flying as the ramp starts to be cut open. “I believe that is my ride gentleman. It will go better for you if you release me now.” The ramp door collapses inward and a firefight ensues.

The Imperials are quickly overwhelmed, a man in clone wars era storm trooper armor steps forward and removes his helmet. Vasto Varik gives Angar an annoyed look. “I don’t know why Ral is so concerned with keeping you around, you’ve been nothing but trouble. Did you at least keep the disk from the R2 unit or did that get confiscated with the rest of your gear?” Angar smiles and peels back a layer of fake skin on his wrist, cybernetic implants do have their uses", and he reveals the disc plugged into a reader in his wrist. Vasto grins “Good we went to too much trouble to get that into your hands, if the Hutt Clans knew the game Grigg was playing at, his entire clan would be wiped out and there would be bounties on all our heads. Dump those Red Wolves corpses in here and let’s go, they can take the heat for this job.”

Episode 7 - Meetin' the Locals

“Explain to me why we are willingly landing on a Star Destroyer?” Teeku asks Dais for the third time in the past hour. “I’ve told you multiple times now, it’s part of the quarantine procedures. We get scanned going in, we get scanned going out, plain and simple nothing to worry about.”

As the Mynoc’s Buffet settles in the landing bay, an Imperial Officer, and a scanning crew are waiting to meet them. “I am Lt. Mentzer, if you will follow me to the briefing room we’ll get you back on your way.”

The group heads into the briefing room, Silas Mentzer makes a show of reviewing their clearance codes. “I see you have been contracted to clear Outpost 37 of the Nexu infestation. And to secure a crate from the Governor’s residence. Are you aware of what is in the crate?” Dais and Vet look at each other and shrug “We were not told of the contents.” Mentzer continues on “Just as well the crate is sealed, therefore as long as its seal is intact when you return there will be no issues.” Dais sighs inwardly thinking to himself if I had known it was a sealed crate job I’d never have let Teeku talk me into it.

“It looks like everything is in order, good luck on the planet, do not forget to check back in once you leave. Teeku this message was left for you someone knew you were coming apparently.” Mentzer slides a datapad over to Teeku.

Upon reading it Teeku finds that it is a message from his Uncle, his cousin was part of the research team and has gone missing since the Nexu moved into the settlement. Teeku glances up from the datapad “What kind of research did you say was going on down there?” Lt. Mentzer raises an eyebrow “I didn’t, and regardless it’s classified.” Mentzer looks around making sure the guards in the room aren’t paying too close of attention. “I can tell you that you’ll want to avoid the lower levels of the outpost, there’s no sign that the Nexu breached the ”/wikis/imperial-research-base-r-17" class=“wiki-page-link”> research facility, and even if they did…" Mentzer lowers his voice to a whisper “…you do not want to go down there.”

As soon as the party was alone back on the ship Teeku bursts out “We are SO going down there, my cousin seems to have gotten himself into some trouble with the Nexu, he was part of the research team according to my Uncle. And I don’t want to hear any cat and mouse jokes Dais.”

Dais looks disappointed but then perks up at the remembrance of the cargo-hold of medical supplies. “Fine fine, how about you scan us up a settlement to sell those medical supplies to, we aren’t going to find a better opportunity, imperial quarantine in place, dangerous jungle planet this is a smuggler’s dream.” IG-Z looks at Dais “Our vessel was scanned from top to bottom by the Empire, we are not smuggling anything.” Vet laughs “Way to suck the fun out of everything IG-Z.” Teeku cuts them off “I’ve found a settlement it’s actually really close to the landing pad, looks like there’s even a road there, and given what I’ve been seeing with these scans that’s a rarity.”

Once settled on the landing pad the party sets out towards the settlement. Instantly unnerved by the wild sounds and dense jungle surrounding them, the party pulls out there weapons as they walk down the road. Teeku stops in the middle of the path “Do you guys hear something? I think it’s a speeder bike.” All of a sudden from out of the jungle a large swarm of insects each the size of a fist burst out and head towards Vet. Everyone starts opening fire at once, a few getting picked off and then IG-Z steps forward and squashes half of them with the flat of his ax. Teeku then steps forward “Let’s see how this thing works”, flipping a switch a large swath of flame belches from the end of his flame thrower cooking the remaining insects. Dais and Vet grimace as Teeku starts to pick through the cooked bugs and begins eating them.

The rest of the trip is made without incident. Upon arriving at the village it’s clear that it’s a bit rudimentary, one building of note stands out and the party heads towards that. As they enter they see that it’s the town general store, saloon and meeting hall all rolled into one.

An older gentleman from behind the store counter looks over at Dais and the others “Welcome to the retreat. Don’t get many visitors around these parts.” Dais turns on his charm “A dangerous world like this you must be in need of medical supplies, and we just happen to have a whole shipments worth back at our ship, would you be interested?” After several minutes of haggling Dais comes out ahead with a healthy profit margin, as the group was leaving the saloon, Dais mentions “I even got him to let us rent a couple speeders for while we’re here.”

Some of the locals head back to the ship with the party and take possession of the medical supplies. The party decides to sleep on the ship for the night and head out in the morning. “Did that saloon guy mention why the Nexu are upset?” Vet asks Dais as they were getting ready to head out in the morning. Dais nods “It seems the Imperials built their outpost right on top the Nexu nesting grounds.”

A couple hours of travel on the speeders finds the party at the mouth of a cave network. As they move deeper into the caves they come out on a ledge that opens out into a large cavern, with a path that leads down into the main portion of the outpost. There are a number of buildings, including a large warehouse in the middle of the outpost, and what is most likely the Governor’s residence at the far end. “Let’s find the generator and get this place lit up. Teeku do you see any likely buildings that would house the generator?” Dais asks. Teeku scans the area “It’s either this one down to our left or the one at the other end past the warehouse.”

Inspecting the closer building the party finds it contains the fuel for the generator. IG-Z picks up two of the containers and follows the group to the next building. “Ah here we go just give me a few minutes and I’ll have this place lit up like a life day tree.” Teeku says. Dais, Vet, and IG-Z set guard outside the maintenance shed. After a few minutes the generator hums to life and lights start kicking on from all around the perimeter of the outpost lighting up the interior. Including two Nexu perched on top of buildings adjacent to the maintenance shed. The lights kicking on startle the Nexu and they pounce from the rooftops at IG-Z but both come up short.

Teeku steps out of the maintenance shed, flame thrower roaring to life and scorches one of the Nexu. Vet lowers his rifle and puts it out of its misery. IG-Z steps forward and hamstrings the other one with a viscious slash to the leg. The Nexu lunges at IG-Z chomping down on his leg, knocking him over and starts to drag him off. Teeku then steps forward and lights it on fire. It immediately let’s go of IG-Z and starts to run but collapses a few feet away. The party drags the corpses into the warehouse and scan for other nearby Nexu. Inside the warehouse they see an elevator shaft that would appear to go down to the lower labs. Dais gives Teeku a knowing look “We should at least clear the top before heading down below.” Teeku just smiles “We’ll see.”

Episode 8 - FOR SCIENCE

As the party patches up their wounds in the warehouse a debate breaks about about why Teeku’s cousin would be on an Imperial research team. IG-Z mentions “There are no recorded scenarios in which the Empire works alongside an alien species, I do not believe they would start now.” Teeku pauses in his hacking of the elevator with a concerned look. “Rodians are from a jungle planet I’m sure they just wanted his expertise on the jungle.” The group looks at each other skeptically but say nothing.

A few minutes later Teeku finishes with the elevator and a computer voice comes over the intercom “Biological Containment Protocols have been disabled.” IG-Z says “Are you sure we want to do this? Biological contaminants will not harm me but the three of you have no such protection” Teeku steps into the elevator “It’s my family, I can’t just leave him.” With that the rest of the party get in the elevator and Teeku starts the descent.

Several hundred feet below the surface, the elevator opens up into a central cavern with tunnels branching in four directions. There are signs present that indicate the different areas. General Quarters, Vehicle Research, Ground Weapon Research, Medical Research.

In the central cavern there is an AT-AT and an AT-ST in various states of repair and modification, neither in a remotely operational state. There are no signs of life anywhere.

Teeku looks in each of the directions considering, and then heads towards the medical wing. The door to the medical wing opens into a large warehouse, with offices on the right and what appears to be a research laboratory on the left. The research laboratory is sealed behind airtight glass with an airlock sealing off the entrance. In the back of the lab is a second airlock presumably leading further back into the lab.

Teeku enters into one of the offices and starts poking through the computer files. “There has to be some information about my cousin Beeko.” He says to no one in particular. He finds a set of files tagged with Beeko’s name, the heading of the file is Subject 47. As Dais looks for anything useful in the offices or warehouse he notices that whoever was here left in a hurry, things are knocked over, drinks are still half full, although looks like science projects in their own right. The facility has been in quarantine for over two months.

Beeko’s file shows that he arrived five months ago, jumping to the end of the file there are security recordings with Beeko’s name attached to it. Teeku fires them up and gasps in horror. On the screen there is what seems to have once been a Rodian. A large hulking twisted form is displayed on the screen. The muscle mass clearly too large for the frame, the skin is split in several places and the abomination on the screen looks devoid of all reason and appears to be filled with a mindless rage. The last of the footage shows what now can only be considered a creature bursting through one of the lab area’s glass walls. It grabs hold of one of the lab technicians and rips his arms off. As the body drops to the ground an explosion can be heard from behind the creature and the security footage is reduced to static.

Teeku leans back heavily in his chair clearly disturbed by what he just witnessed. “We are burning this place to the ground.” In the back of the lab, a red warning light starts to flash, as the airlock starts to decompress. Dais yells over to Teeku “Quick seal that door, we do not want to meet one of those things.” Teeku starts to hack into the system, finding a series of life scans for the different levels of the facility. This includes some maps of the facility. The life scans show that there are 5 life forms in the second lab and another 7 in a third lab further back. On the surface level there are two clusters of life forms which Teeku presumes are the Nexu.

Before Teeku could get back to sealing off the door a man in a white lab coat bursts through closing the door behind him. Seeing the party through the glass he runs forward. “Thank the Emperor, the cleanup crew has arrived, quick let me out!” Dais makes no move towards the door “What happened down here?” The lab tech takes a closer look at Dais and the others “Are you the cleanup crew?” Shaking his head “It doesn’t matter, let me out I don’t know if they’re following me.”

Teeku steps forward and presses the decompression button for the first airlock. As soon as the tech steps out of the room Teeku grabs him and slams him up to the wall. “You see anyone that looks like me in there?” The tech gets a panicked look on his face “They were all volunteers.” Dais tries to pull Teeku off “Wait Teeku we need to know what was going on down here.” Looking at the tech “What was going on down here?” The tech still looking worried says “We were creating super soldiers, the research was to make them stronger, faster, more obedient that sort of thing.”

Dais looks at the air lock “Why the quarantine, what did it mean by biological containment protocols, why the air lock?” The tech shakes his head “Agent 477 is still active, there was an explosion in lab 3 that released it. I don’t know what it does I was just an assistant on the strength research protocols, cybernetic implants and that sort of thing, the biochemists were in charge of the agents.” A look of rage passes over Teeku, he slams the tech back against the wall and steps away. Then before anyone could react he levels his flamethrower at the tech, and lets out a gout of flame that consumes him. Vet tackles Teeku but it’s too late. “What were you thinking, we needed information.” Teeku pushes Vet off “He did this to my cousin you heard him, he deserved to die.”

Teeku heads back to the office and starts downloading the information he can find on Beeko and Agent 477. “Give me a few and we can go back to the surface and grab those fuel tanks, we’ll light those labs up good, there will be nothing left.”

Dais gets a look across his face that Vet knows all too well. “Forget it Dais, you saw the security footage, there’s no way we can handle those things.” Dais gives Vet a knowing grin “We can sneak by them, think of how much money those implants will be worth. Come on IG-Z maybe there will be something we can plug into you even. Teeku, try and cut the life support in the labs.” Teeku shakes his head “No dice, the system already locked me out of that area after trying to seal the doors.” Dais doesn’t look the least bit deterred. “Come on guys this will set us up for the good life. We can do this, sneak in grab the stuff, sneak out no problems.” Teeku pipes in “Well there’s one problem, the labs are dark, the emergency lights barely light up the walls.” IG-Z walks over to a emergency supplies cabinet and grabs some glow rods, “Problem solved lets get this over with.”

The party moves up to the entrance of lab 2 and IG-Z starts pitching in glow rods. Dais scans the barely lit walls, it looks like the implants are in the back corner to the left. Those shelving units in the middle have highly flammable written all over the containers, so try not to light us all on fire Teeku." Dais and IG-Z start working there way to the corner, Teeku and Vet guard the way back out. Towards the middle of the lab, a series of low growls are emitted that sound more bestial than human. IG-Z picks up a glow rod and throws it towards the middle of the lab. It lands amidst a group of hulking mutants of various races, all exhibiting the grotesque muscle mass that Beeko had displayed in the security footage.

With a loud roar they start to charge at IG-Z and the others. Dais and Teeku start opening fire landing several shots, IG-Z brings his ax down in an over-arching slash dropping the first mutant that gets to him. The mutant collapses into the shelving unit sending it toppling over chemicals spilling everywhere, including over IG-Z and the charging mutants. The next mutant crashes into IG-Z knocking him off balance, the one after that grabs him and slams him into the ground. A third mutant lunges towards Dais grabbing a hold of him and slamming him into the wall, Dais finds himself on the ground. The last of the group raises two hulking fists over it’s head bringing them crashing down on Teeku’s head collapsing him to the ground.

Dais let’s out a hoarse yell “Vet grab the cybernetics, let’s make this worth it at least.” Vet dashes to the corner, scooping as many as he can into his backpack and then turns and runs for the door. Dais shoots at an alarm, setting off a piercing wail that the beasts cringe back from. Teeku then gets up and sprays flame over the chemicals all over the middle of the room. The two standing over IG-Z ignite in pillars of flame, they turn and run towards lab 3. IG-Z also goes up in flame. IG-Z gets up and moves towards the remaining two mutants.

One swings at IG-Z but misses perhaps due to the alarm, or inwardly afraid of touching the burning droid. The other rounds on Teeku and with a massive kick launches Teeku towards the door, he crashes into the wall and hits the floor, no longer moving. Vet grabs Teeku and drags him out of the lab. Dais and IG-Z follow, sealing the door behind them. The party continue to scramble out of the medical wing. As the exit into the main cavern a large explosion can be heard from behind and the tunnel to the medical wing collapses.

IG-Z turns towards Dais “This makes us even for getting you shot during the Angar incident.” Vet applies a stim pack on Teeku, medical and repair kits are pulled out and wounds are licked as best they can be.

As Teeku sits there recovering, his head resting against the cavern wall he reminisces about Beeko.


Why, Beeko? What drove you to the imperial medical facilities for artificial bio-mechanical and cybernetic implants? Were you not satisfied with your Rodian blood? The blood of your family wasn’t enough for you? The blood of our ancestors wasn’t enough for you? How pathetic.

WE survived the great hunts together while the other clans gazed on from the sidelines. WE left every other clan ashamed, embarrassed and in utter disbelief after showcasing our ferocity, hunting prowess and natural instincts on the hunting grounds. Not a single one of our brethren could keep up. No….they were nothing.

Standing here, surrounded by my crew yet completely alone, I can’t help but feel like WE just became ME. I had no choice….

Torture – That is what it felt like watching this surveillance holo of your transformation from one of the strongest, keenest and most fierce Rodian hunters in the entire galaxy to an empty hulking beast. I watched the fire in your eyes dim and then burst into nothing but rage as that imperial garbage you so desperately desired pulsed through your veins. You just couldn’t stand by and let me become the head of the clan after sharing the spotlight for all of those years. You had to be the best. You had to be the strongest.

Why? WE could have had it all. Now it will be me crowned inta’s’rin’na of the Tetsu clan. It was bound to happen this way one way or another, and I truly regret how it had to come to be.

Goodbye, Beeko. We shall be reunited in the darkness.“

Teeku pulls out his datapad, scanning through Beeko’s file once more.

Subject 47’s cooperation has been exemplary. Most likely due to the fact his daughter has been taken. The daughter exhibits strong force sensitivity, the father has no such ability. Subject 47 will continue on to genetic testing as there is no further use for him. The daughter will be sent on for Stage 2.

Additional reading keeps bringing up references to Project Overlord. This facility appears to have been operating as Stage 1 which was subject screening.

Teeku lifts his head, “It’s not over. I will find her.”

Episode 9 - Ground Tested

Hundreds of feet below the surface of the planet Cholganna the party rests up in the secret labs of Imperial Outpost 37 where they just learned about the existence of Project Overlord a program designed to find and possibly train force sensitive beings.

Dais gets to his feet after resting his wounds for a bit. “It would be a shame not to go check out the Ground Combat Testing area since we are already down here.” Teeku just gives a shrug still in shock over finding out about Beeko’s daughter. The party slowly get to their feet and make their way to the ground combat entrace.

Upon entering the doorway they see a huge cavern open up before them. It is over a mile long, the surprising thing is it looks like the middle of the day, as artificial daylight is being generated from massive lamps far up in the ceiling. Dais shields his eyes waiting for them to adjust to the brightness and then notices a lot of work has gone into making this a viable testing area. There is a small copse of trees to the left about half a mile away. There’s a road that leads down the middle of the grounds that passes between two large hills. At the end of the road are a number of buildings. Teeku finds out after a bit of digging in the computer system, that is where the experimental weapons are likely to be stored.

There are a couple storage lockers on the end by the entrance. Teeku spends some time trying to break into them. He succeeds on one that contains some imperial blaster rifles. Dais starts to get impatient “Come on Teeku let’s get to the good stuff, no one buys imperial blasters anyways.” With that said he starts down the road to the buildings at the end. The party passes a couple signs that indicate mine fields are ahead. Subconsciously everyone takes a few steps closer to the middle of the road.

Vet breaks the silence that was hanging over the party as they continue their walk to the buildings. “The Empire isn’t particularly forgiving. There is no way we’re getting out of this without a bounty on our heads, and I would know about Imperial bounties. That’s assuming we can get past the Imperial blockade, or worse yet the company of storm troopers that are probably going to be waiting for us at the top of the elevator.” As if on cue Teeku’s data-pad starts beeping. Looking down Teeku let’s out a grunt. “Looks like we’re about to find out just how angry the empire is. The life force detector I tapped into earlier is showing some significant movements up above. And they’re marching two by two.”

The party breaks into a run towards the buildings. Dais, IG-Z and Vet start looking for anything that will be useful. Teeku starts hacking into the security system. “I’ve got eyes in the elevator. They’ve activated it, it’s heading back to the surface.” Vet grabs a crate of frag grenades and some wire and starts running back towards the hills. Quickly setting up some makeshift tripwires. "We’ve got two squads of storm troopers coming down the elevator now. “Looks like some of them have some pretty long range rifles.” Teeku yells out. Dais scans the area, “Let’s make for the trees, Teeku see if you can get the door locked and the lights shut off.”

Several minutes of anticipation go by as the party sits in the dark, among the sparse set of trees. At the far end of the training area the entrance is lit up as the door slides open. One squad of storm troopers scan the area and then start down the road. Two groups of two split off to the right and left of the entrance, keeping a watchful eye. They do not appear to be inhibited by the dark.

The party tenses as the squad heading down the road disappear between the hills, only Vet with his perch in one of the trees is able to keep them in sight. A blinding explosion appears from between the hills, the deafening sound ricochets off the sides and ceiling of the cavern. Vet takes aim at the remaining standing member of the squad and squeezes the trigger, seeing the shot hit home he quickly turns his attention to the squads back towards the entrance. He lines up the shot and takes one of the them through the chest as the trooper starts to head for cover.

The remaining three start opening fire, shooting at IG-Z and Teeku, glowing red eye balls and the blue aura of a data-pad, shine like beacons in the dark, screaming out shoot here first. None of the shots connect and Dais, Teeku and IG-Z retreat back towards the buildings and the back of the training facility.

Meanwhile Vet lines up a shot at the remaining member of the squad to the right and squeezes the trigger, taking the trooper off of his feet. The remaining two troopers break for the entrance. Teeku seals the exit from his data-pad. The troopers start typing on the access pad. Vet climbs down from his perch and start to close the distance. The door slides open and the troopers run through making for the elevator. Vet gets down on a knee to steady himself and takes a deep breath steadying his aim. Dais yells out “They’re getting away shoot them.” Still Vet holds waiting, exhaling slowly, and as the last of his breath is out he pulls the trigger, a red bolt rips across the training grounds hitting the trailing storm trooper in the back, and passing through him the bolt catches the remaining trooper in the helmet. They both collapse in a heap.

Dais bursts out of his hiding spot “Nice shot Vet! Teeku get the lights on so we can get out of here.” Teeku fiddles with the datapad. “The Imperials have locked me out, I can’t even see what’s above now.” Dais heads up the road, “Well let’s see if we can cobble together one of these storm trooper outfits for me to wear. We can say IG-Z was one of the experiments down here. As for you guys…” Dais holds up a storm trooper helmet next to Vet’s head “yeah we’re going to have to find something else. Go check out the vehicle bay while I get this armor on.”

As Dais and IG-Z come out of the ground combat area, they find Vet and Teeku with huge grins on their faces, they’re sitting on the elevator perched on top of an AT-ST. Vet says “Took a bit to figure out the controls but we got it now. It’s missing a few guns but I think it’ll do the trick.” Dais smiles “Very nice, wish we could get that on our ship. Let’s get some crates piled up just in case this goes sideways, that way we’ll have something to hide behind when the blaster fire starts.”

A few minutes later the elevator starts to ascend, with Vet and Teeku inside the AT-ST, IG-Z and Dais on the elevator, Dais practicing his story all the way up “There were intruders, they were trying to steal this AT-ST but we managed to kill them and secure it and this droid. We lost everyone but the three of us.” I can do this Dais thinks to himself repeating the story like a mantra. As the elevator gets to the top Dais is greeted by a storm trooper sergeant with a squad standing behind him guns aimed at the elevator. Dais glances around and sees some light repeating blaster rifles setup around the perimeter. Vet whispers to Teeku “Damn, we’re in a tight spot.”

The sergeant looks up at the AT-ST then back to Dais “Report trooper.” The mantra slips between Dais fingers, trying to hold to the story on he bursts out “They’re all dead, I killed all the intruders but they killed everyone else.” Teeku and Vet look at each other incredulously, “that wasn’t the plan what is he doing.” Dais continues on “They ambushed us they were using this AT-ST took half of us out before we even knew the thing was operational.” The sergeant looks skeptical “And how did you manage to get them out of it.” Dais feels a glimmer of hope at the fact he hasn’t been shot dead where he stands, yet. “We retreated to an area the AT-ST couldn’t access and took them out as they tried to enter. They didn’t have any sort of tactical training, nothing like what the Empire provides.” Teeku rolls his eyes whispering to Vet “Laying it on a little thick isn’t he?” The sergeant nods apparently accepting the story “What’s with the droid?” Dais gains more confidence as it becomes clear the sergeant is buying the story. “The droid was part of the research being done down here, I assumed we shouldn’t leave it behind for any other thieves that come along.” The sergeant nods again. “Good work, join up with squad one and take the droid to the ship for a memory download and then wipe it. The rest of us will finish securing the area. Oh and disarm that droid, you never know when one of those things is going to snap.” Dais takes IG-Z’s ax and straps it to his back. Vet and Teeku look at each other, “Well now what?” Vet asks, Teeku just smiles “Now we wait for that sweet sound of blaster fire, shouldn’t be long I imagine.”

Episode 10 - Aren't you a little short for a storm trooper?

Leaving the warehouse and falling in line with the squad of storm troopers that he found himself assigned to, Dais can’t help but wonder how IG-Z swings this Ax around so easily, it’s only been a couple minutes and his back is already starting to get sore.

Dais hopes that Vet and Teeku don’t do anything rash as the squad, IG-Z and he march up the ramp towards the exit of the cavern. One of the squads, with the mounted light repeating blaster rifle, are posted at the top of the ramp. Man I do not want to get shot by one of those. Dais thinks to himself. Please let them keep buying this until we get outside. As they crest the top of the ramp Dais glances over at IG-Z and sees his eyes flash red and feels like time lurches into slow motion. There is a tug at his back, and as he turns around, Dais sees the ax in IG-Z’s hands and sees that IG-Z is already five feet away the ax spinning as he lunges towards the two squad members posted on the mounted gun. The storm troopers do not even have time to react as IG-Z brings his ax around in a vicious swipe decapitating both. At that moment the world snaps back into normal speed, the squad in front of Dais turn around to see what the commotion is and find Dais standing their with his twin blasters already drawn. As they turn their weapons on Dais, he opens fire, raining a hail of blaster bolts upon them. Two fall instantly and a third stumbles, the blaster bolt burning a hole through his armor.

From behind them Dais and IG-Z hear the AT-ST start to maneuver out of the warehouse. They can also hear the sergeant yelling to his men. Vet manages to get the AT-ST out of the warehouse he turns it towards the governor’s house and sees the second squad of storm troopers with a mounted turret on top of the house. “Uh feel free to blast them whenever Teeku.” Teeku continues fiddling with random switches in the cockpit “This isn’t like the guns in our ship, all these switches are wired backwards for this experimental gun. This should do it.” Flipping a couple switches and pressing a big red button Teeku finds himself momentary blinded as a bolt of lightning arcs out from the gun rather than the familiar laser. The lightning blasts into the position of the storm troopers frying them in their armor. They crumble to the ground still twitching sporadically. The sergeant takes one look at the AT-ST and runs into the governor’s house. “Oh man, you have to let me burn that place to the ground.” Teeku says as he starts to climb out of the cockpit. “Don’t you dare, Dais will be livid if you destroy that crate we were supposed to grab. Not that we’ll be able to turn it in, but maybe we can blackmail someone with it.”

The two remaining storm troopers at the top of the ramp turn to flee. IG-Z runs them down, and finishes them with brutal efficiency. Dais turns around and runs back to where Teeku and Vet were fighting. As he gets to the AT-ST he notices no one is in it, and sees Vet and Teeku run into the governor’s house.

The house is dark, Vet hears furniture being stacked up in the room off the main entrance hallway presumably as a makeshift barrier. Vet gestures to Teeku indicating the sergeant is in the next room. Then a look of horror comes over his face as he sees a small spherical object bounce off the door frame and land at their feet. Vet takes one step away and then finds himself slammed against the wall all the wind knocked out of him, bleeding from several shrapnel wounds. They never even had a chance to react to the grenade. Vet gets to his feet, sees Teeku in equally bad shape pull himself up the stairs to the second floor. Grabbing his rifle Vet stumbles to the doorway of the room the sergeant is hiding in. As he steps around the corner, rifle raised, he sees the sergeant, who also has his rifle pointed towards the archway. They fire at almost the same time both striking home. Vet smiles as he seems the rifle drop from the limp hand of the sergeant, before himself collapsing to the ground, bleeding out from his many wounds.

Dais steps into the house, seeing the sergeant and Vet both lying on the ground, calls for IG-Z to drag Vet out of the house. Teeku comes down the stairs and informs everyone he had found the crate. Seeing Vet being dragged out of the house, he pulls out his medic kit and gets to work patching him up best he can. “I guess it’s a good think we sprung for that Bacta tank on the ship. We need to get out of here, he needs more than my patchwork will do for him.” Dais nods in agreement “I’m worried about the Imperials sending back up, I don’t think we can wait around.” After some serious efforts on Teeku’s part Vet regains consciousness. “Can you walk? We need to get to the ship. The speeder’s are right outside.” Vet grimaces but gets to his feet. Dais motions towards the house “IG-Z grab that crate and let’s get out of here.”

Upon exiting the outpost, the party finds that the speeder bikes have been destroyed, they are lying on their sides a smoldering mess. Dais shakes his head in frustration “Guess we’re not getting our security deposit back. What do you guys think, do we hole up here and wait for Vet to get better, or do we try and make it back to our ship?” IG-Z responds “In his current state Vet will need two weeks to recover in any observable manner, with what resources we have available at this outpost. In addition the Empire will send more troops if they do not hear back in the next eight hours, Imperial field op code 3405-2153…” Dais cuts him off “Fine we walk, assuming you think you can Vet.” Vet takes his rifle puts a plug in the end and sticks it under his arm as a crutch and starts walking back towards the ship without a word. The party falls in behind.

As dusk starts to fall a short discussion is had, and the consensus is the jungle will probably attack whether walking or camping so progress might as well be made. Surprisingly the landing pad comes into sight after several hours of walking with no incidents. The party sneaks up as close as they can and see an Imperial Shuttle with it’s exit ramp down. What appear to be two pilots can be seen taking a smoke break, with another storm trooper sergeant appearing to be standing watch.

The pilots conversation can barely be overheard over the noise of the jungle. “I heard the governor moved on to a new project called Dark Trooper after he left the planet. It was a promotion of sorts.” The other pilot can be seen shaking his head. “Dark Trooper is a phantom project, speaking of phantoms, I heard someone went to great lengths to forge the documents that got those smugglers on planet ahead of us. When the Admiral found out that we let someone on planet to retrieve the Governor’s things he went white, whether with fear or rage no one was sure, but we were in space heading planet-side within ten minutes of him finding out.”

Dropping their cigarettes to the ground they turn to board the ship, at that moment a blaster bolt comes out of the darkness and strikes the storm trooper sergeant in the head. They turn in the direction of the jungle pulling out their blasters, and see glowing red eyes and a gleaming ax spinning in the air barreling down on them. IG-Z bellows out “Drop your weapons.” They immediately comply and raise their hands in surrender. Ten minutes later Dais has them tied up in their ship. They volunteered the codes necessary to pass through the blockade. And they let Dais know they had just reported in twenty minutes ago and were not due to report in for another two hours.

Dais closes the Imperial shuttle door and heads into Mynoc’s Buffet. “I’m thinking we find some place to lay low for a bit, I hear there is a pirate’s way station not too far from here, they’ve got no love for the Empire, I know that much.” Dais says as he hops into the pilot’s chair. With the use of the codes Dias manages to get into hyperspace without incident. IG-Z settles into a charging bay. Teeku gets Vet into the Bacta tank and then heads to his quarters with the governor’s crate in hand. “Let’s see what secret’s we’ve been hiding, shall we.”


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