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  • Episode 1 - Desperate Times

    Jobs had been barely paying the bills for the past few months. The party finds themselves heading to a place where jobs are plentiful if your moral compass is broke the infamous moon [[Nar Shaddaa | Nar Shaddaa]]. While hanging out in a cantina …

  • Crimson Death

    Crimson Death is a mercenary group founded and led by [[:ral-tosh | Ral Tosh]]. In the last few years their numbers have swelled into the thousands, operating across the outer rim. Known ties to multiple Hutt clans. Over 1000 members working across …

  • Ral Tosh

    Starting out as a bounty hunter, Ral Tosh has used his rewards and reputation to form a mercenary group known as [[Crimson Death]].

  • Vasto Varik

    While [[:ral-tosh | Ral Tosh]], [[Crimson Death | Crimson Death]]'s leader, and Vasto have been friends since childhood it is by skill in the field that Vasto has earned his position as second in command of Crimson Death. Despite his position Vasto …