Galaxy in Peril

Episode 14 - All Good Things

Teeku crawls out of the air duct looks over to Dais “He’s definitely been through the vents, the security measures have been disabled.” Corporal Malic looks incredibly worried, “Those are our secure research facilities, if Lord Vader finds out this happened we’ll all be thrown in the stockade” Malic visibly pales, “or worse.”

Dais smiles “Well it’s a good thing discretion is in our contract. We have reason to believe this individual will not go down without a fight. Our contract also dictates we are not to be held liable for any collateral damage that ensues. Do you see any problems with that?”

Malic looks up as if he was lost in thought “What? Oh yes, fine just make this problem go away.”

Malic leads the way down to level 2 where the droid factory is. Vet points to a vent, “Where does that lead? Can I get access to the research facility from there?” Malic pulls out his data pad and brings up some blue prints, “Yes that would work, let me call security to lower the internal laser mesh.”

Teeku looks from Vet to the vent and back to Vet “Are you sure your head will fit through that?” One of Vet’s eyestalks looks over at Teeku and glares. Teeku takes a step back and whispers to Dais “Whoa did you know he could do that?” Dais just smirks.

A few minutes go by and Vet is given the all clear, he climbs up to the vent and gets into position to observe the research lab. Vets rifle is strapped to his back as he crawls on his elbows through the vent. Not realizing how far the rifle extended over his head the barrel knocks the vent cover off and it goes crashing to the ground.

With a grimace Vet pulls his rifle off his back, “so much for stealth” he mumbles. Quickly looking around the research lab, Vet notices that the entrance has been wired with explosives, and he sees a light on in the office on the far end of the lab. Vet identifies Vasto sitting at a computer terminal. The rest of the lab is filled with large crates, and various workstations with parts of droids strewn about them.

Vet sees Vasto rush to the window and look out, scanning the area and seeing nothing he rushes back to the terminal and continues typing. Vet lines up a shot and fires. Vasto is hit square in the back he’s thrown forward into the terminal and then collapses out of sight.

Vet reports back over his comm “I hit him, the entry is wired with explosives so stand back when you open them.”

Vet hears Vasto yell out “You should’ve taken a better shot, that’s the only one you’re going to get.” Red warning lights start flashing in the lab, and Vet sees that some of the crates start to open.

Dais pulls out his blaster, “Everyone stand back.” He aims and fires at the control panel for the door. A large explosion blasts the doors off their tracks and they stand askew half opened.
IG-Z, Dais and Teeku all run in under the cover of the smoke from the explosion. Out of the crates step two massive looking storm troopers covered in black armor. They stand seven feet tall and look like they could bench press a Gamorrean. Worse yet the ordinance at their disposal did not look like it was designed to combat infantry.

One steps in front of IG-Z and fires, the hail of lasers all go wide. The other takes aim at the vent up toward the ceiling that Vet is in, and launches a missile it streaks across the lab hitting off to the left. Dais yells out “Their targeting computers must not be calibrated yet, take them down before they make those corrections.” Vet takes aim at the Dark Trooper that shot at him and fires, a red laser lance goes right through the Dark Troopers head dropping it to the ground.

The other Dark Trooper raises it’s arm at IG-Z’s chest, and let’s loose a missile. The resulting explosion scatters pieces of IG-Z across the floor. What is left collapses to the floor in a heap, the lights going out of his eyes.

Dais pulls out both blasters, and roars a challenge, charging the Dark Trooper both blasters firing. It collapses to the ground just as Dais gets to it, Dais winds back and gives a swift kick to the head just for good measure. Limping over to Teeku they both look down at IG-Z, “Think you can fix him?” Teeku laughs “Of course I can fix him, it’s whether we can afford the parts, that is the question.” Dais smiles “Let’s get this over with then.” Bursting into the office, they find Vasto slumped against the wall sitting on the ground. Vasto looks up at them, “You still don’t know what you’re up against.” Teeku pulls out his blaster and sets it to stun, says “Good thing you’ll be telling us soon enough.” and pulls the trigger.

Quickly scanning the office Teeku finds the drive Vasto was downloading everything to. Hiding the drive in his bag, Teeku reaches down to help Dais carry Vasto out of the office.

They exit the research lab to find a worried looking Corporal Malic and at least 4 squads of Storm Troopers according to Dais’ quick estimation.

Malic looks at Vasto “All set then, will we be seeing you on your way? I trust the Emperor will hear of our cooperation and quick compliance?”

Dais grunts “Yes we will be giving the Emperor a full report, can you have someone gather up the pieces of our droid and have him loaded on our ship?” Malic waves his hand to a squad, they immediately set forward into the research lab and start gathering pieces of IG-Z.

Once on the ship, Teeku scans it for any tracking devices or more nefarious objects deposited while they were occupied. Finding nothing, they secure Vasto and wait for IG-Z to be loaded aboard and set a course of multiple jumps, with the final jump being where Ral Tosh was waiting.

Upon arriving at the mining outpost, they find Ral Tosh waiting at the surface. “You guys never cease to amaze me.” Taking custody of Vasto, Ral gives him a cold look “We’ll be having many long conversations soon my friend don’t you worry.” Looking back at Dais “I’ll begin work on getting your names cleared. It’ll take some time even once the bounties are wiped it can sometimes take months for that information to trickle out to all the bounty hunters that heard about the bounty in the first place. I would lay low as best you can for six months.”

Dais grunts “Fine we’re going to have to run some small jobs in the meantime anyways to get the money for parts for IG-Z. He took a hell of a beating in there. If the Empire ever gets those Dark Troopers to the point they are ready for mass production, the Rebellion will be snuffed out over night.”

Ral Tosh gives Dais a considering look “It’s funny you should mention the Rebellion. I’m actually a part of it, I’m able to use Grigg’s resources for relaying information to the Rebellion that they would not have access to under normal circumstances. You guys don’t seem to have much love for the Empire, after I get your names cleared what do you say to joining our cause?”

Dais laughs “You’re with the Rebellion? Next your going to tell me Grigg is a Jedi. Why is it no one is who they seem. Look us up in six months and we’ll see where things stand. In the meantime we’re going to rest up and see what not being shot at every day is like.”


Com02 Gaztingo

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