Galaxy in Peril

Smuggler's Peril: Epilogue

Teeku, sitting in the co-pilot seat, presses the incoming message button on the communicator. Looking over at Dais in the pilot seat “It’s our ol’ buddy Ral Tosh.” Dais nods “Well let’s not keep the man waiting.” Teeku brings up the holo of Ral “You do some good work Ral, I might need to spend some time taking notes from your hackers.” Ral smiles back “That could be arranged. I trust you’ve had a peaceful six months?” Dais laughs “Sure if you count three bounty hunters and two Imperial boarding parties. But compared to the previous six months it’s been quite the vacation.” Ral laughs at that “Good, were you able to get your droid back together? I’ve got some people that would like to meet the heroes of the Empirical. That drive you sent our way achieved a lot of good.”

Teeku says “Yeah I got IG-Z back on his feet, even packed in a few upgrades while i was in there.” Vet peeks his head in the cockpit “Heroes you say? Is that what they call people with their backs to the wall with no choices but to go forward?” Ral shakes his head “I know at least four people that owe you their lives, and they’d like to meet you, and thank you personally. Oh and we have some leads on Project Overlord if you’re still interested.”

Teeku perks up at that “Tell us when and where, we’ll be there.” Ral nods “That’s what I was hoping you’d say. There’s a rebel outpost on Hoth, they’ll be waiting there for you. Oh and you might want to dress warm.”

Upon arriving at Hoth, all they could see was a frozen, white, barren landscape. “Are you sure there’s someone here, I’m not getting any readings.” Teeku asks Dais. “Just head to the coordinates I don’t think Ral has the kind of sense of humor to send us to the middle of no where as a prank.” Dais replies.

Just then a voice crackled over the comm. “Identify yourselves.” Dais smiled “See I told you it was all good. This is Captain Dais of the Wompa Stompa.” Teeku looked over at him “I thought you were kidding about changing the name of the ship.”

“Confirmed Wompa Stompa you are cleared for landing, head to the coordinates I’m sending you, the bay doors will be open.”

After a smooth landing, Dais and crew head down the landing ramp. They are met by a long faced man with gray in his temples. “My name is General Carlist Rieekan I am in charge of this facility. Your reputation precedes you, we are looking forward to seeing what other blows you can deliver to the Empire.”

Dais responds “Uh I’m not sure what you were told, this is just a social visit, we were told, there were some leads on Project Overlord.”

Carlist sighs “Why do so many resist their destiny. Fine, this way, there are some people who would like to meet you. The information you were able to retrieve from the ISS Empirical allowed us to conduct several raids against bases related to Project Overlord. One of those raids allowed us to free four prisoners who were in Level 2 of the program.”

Teeku perked up at that “Was one of them a Rodian?” Carlist shakes his head “I’m afraid not, but they did mention there was a Rodian stationed at their prison. Unfortunately she had been moved to their Level 3 facility before we got there. Speaking of your cousin, it was us who impersonated your Uncle and sent you into the base to find Beeko. After your run ins with the Red Wolves we knew you were up against the Empire even if you didn’t at that point. We decided to see which way you would fall if given a bit of a push. We were not disappointed.”

Rounding a corner they headed down a narrow ice covered corridor into a large meeting room. No tables or chairs just some crates arranged around a heater. There were four men sitting talking quietly among themselves. As Carlist enters the room they all spring to attention and salute. “At ease men. These are our honored guests. Dais, Teeku, Vet and IG-Z.” Pointing to each in turn as he said their name. “Gentleman these are the survivors of a Level 2 internment camp, that we were able to rescue, due to the intelligence you secured on the ISS Empirical.”

One of the group gets up and starts shaking hands “Hey guys, you can call me Gaz, that was a hell of a job you pulled, we’ve all read the briefing. Takes some Rancor sized balls to pretend to be bounty hunters for the Emperor.” Two of the others get up and introduce themselves. One stays seated. Dais gestures “What’s his deal.” Gaz frowns “That’s Tayvinn ever since our force powers sparked he’s been trying to hold to the Jedi ideals, he grew up listening to the stories of the Jedi Order as a kid. Your file didn’t exactly read like the hero stories he grew up with, he’s a bit conflicted about owing his life to a less than savory sort. Don’t worry he’ll come around.” Dais laughs “Less than savory that’s probably the nicest thing someone has said about us in a while.”

The conversations continue for a while. Carlist excuses himself, mentioning there will be a briefing in two hours, about Project Overlord and possible roles Dais and crew can play for the Rebellion, “Those roles will not be without danger you understand, the Empire grows more ruthless each month it seems.”

Dais’s eyes gleam at the mention of danger and a smile spreads across his face. “We’ll be there.”


Com02 Gaztingo

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